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vaibhav1800 26-Jun-21 7:27am View
Incorrect. The default is the namespace of the project.
vaibhav1800 22-Jun-21 6:23am View
I got my answer. Thank You. Crisp and Clear.
vaibhav1800 22-Jun-21 5:36am View
I never knew the concept of Discard. Beautifully Explained. Thanks a Lot Richard.
vaibhav1800 22-Jun-21 5:33am View
ok hold On. You are a rude person. Happy Coding.
vaibhav1800 19-Jun-21 12:59pm View
Well only the piece of code which I mentioned. I was going through a Microservices tutorial in Udemy. :)
vaibhav1800 19-Jun-21 12:56pm View
That 5 is retrycount. Its not the one mentioned in the delegate.
vaibhav1800 19-Jun-21 9:06am View
But then as part of delegate definition we are expecting two parameters right ? One is integer and other is timespan. I see the timespan parameter defined. What about the integer parameter. Or is it optional ? If yes then where it is defined as optional
vaibhav1800 19-Jun-21 8:06am View
I have only developed that microservice and I am consuming it. Its not a professional app. I just want to understand the point of using ReadAsByteArrayAsync() here. I know at what point the content is being deserialised here but I am confused at which point the content got serialised. I have not used any serialization logic n RydoService Microservice when sending data to this API where I am consuming this RydoService
vaibhav1800 2-Jun-21 5:05am View
Haha. I see. I agree with you. Then Do I really need to use readonly keyword here ? as static standalone does the job of creating a single instance.

private readonly static Rydo instance = new Rydo();
vaibhav1800 1-Jun-21 7:29am View
So If I change private static Rydo instance = new Rydo();
to private readonly static Rydo instance = new Rydo();
then single object creation makes sense
vaibhav1800 1-Jun-21 7:29am View
My Goal here is to have two instances when the instance is defined with static keyword.
If instance was of static readonly type then only one time instance creation would have made sense. But its just static. I beleive that when its static, then two instances should be created.
vaibhav1800 1-Jun-21 7:27am View
Its just static and not readonly. If it was readonly then only one time instance creation would make sense. But its just static.
vaibhav1800 1-Jun-21 6:40am View
That I get it. But this piece of code : private static Rydo instance = new Rydo();

Why is this getting executed only once ? I mean we are parallely invoking instances, one from RydoCallfromHamas and RydocallfromUS. So that piece of code should be executed twice, once when it is called from Hamas and next when its from US. How is it behaving to execute only once and hence creating only one instance. ?
vaibhav1800 27-May-21 3:55am View
This looks great. Can I have a small example to understand the real life implementation ? Any link out there might help.
vaibhav1800 27-Jan-19 12:57pm View
The Probelem was Lazy Loading. So We were saving an image before it was created.
To solve this, I made another Image Type variable called copy and assigned my original img image to copy and then save the copy image file.

Sharing the code. Do let me know for any more clarifications. Thanks a lot Griff !

public static void SavePic(Image img,string Filename)
string fileName = Filename;
string saveDirectory = @"C:\Personal";
if (!Directory.Exists(fileName))
string fileSavePath = Path.Combine(saveDirectory, fileName);
Image copy = img;
copy.Save(fileSavePath, ImageFormat.Jpeg);

vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 15:51pm View
True that ! Thank you
vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 13:59pm View
Still on research, I would let you know once I come up with a solution.
vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 13:55pm View
Cool !
vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 13:54pm View
Hey Buddy, Umm Image Type Worked actually. Let me know if you would like to email you the code.
vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 13:53pm View
Yup True that, Just got it sorted, Thanks for your time Bryian :)
vaibhav1800 26-Jan-19 5:19am View
Well thats not related to this context
vaibhav1800 13-Jan-19 6:27am View
I dont know where you are from but you should never bring someone's country between the conversation.
vaibhav1800 20-Dec-18 11:11am View
Looks like "We dont do your Homework" is your pet dialogue and you use it on each of my post and other post as well so that you can get counts and points...... BIG LOL
vaibhav1800 20-Dec-18 11:10am View
Buddy You need to clear your question.. Please add more details so that we can help you
vaibhav1800 20-Dec-18 3:14am View
OriginalGriff : Buddy Could you please dont comment on my posted questions. In the Last Post also you did same thing, you said "We dont do HomeWork For you".
You seriously gave mehr a one start for his attempt ?
vaibhav1800 18-Dec-18 13:37pm View
Its just a Homework for you my Dear Developer.
I just got a help from C# Corner. Thought to share with you.
Below Links might help you as well
vaibhav1800 9-Dec-18 5:44am View
Its not we , you are not CodeProject. Thanks for your valuable time.
vaibhav1800 6-Dec-18 14:01pm View
Hi Richard, Please read the question clearly. I have asked for the Benefits and not Examples of RenderPage
vaibhav1800 6-Dec-18 8:23am View
Any Scenario where you prefer to use Url.Action over Html.Action ?
vaibhav1800 6-Dec-18 3:19am View
Lets Imagine you are giving an interview for Ebay and An Interviewer asks the same question like How you maintain the scalability ? What concepts do you include in short here to convince the interviewer ? Need those concepts buddy :)
vaibhav1800 4-Dec-18 14:25pm View
Lets say ok ? Suppose 1000 users are logged in to Amazon and still the site is fast for me and it is not slowing down. Just want to know scalability is maingained here ?
vaibhav1800 30-Nov-18 8:42am View
vaibhav1800 30-Nov-18 8:42am View
I meant if that column is referred in multiple tables, so that means its a foreign key there and there would be , lets say 4 primary key equivalent to it in 4 different tables. So Need a SQL Query in MYSQL TO delete a value from a column in the table where it is foregin key
vaibhav1800 30-Nov-18 8:42am View
I meant if that column is referred in multiple tables, so that means its a foreign key there and there would be , lets say 4 primary key equivalent to it in 4 different tables. So Need a SQL Query in MYSQL TO delete a value from a column in the table where it is foregin key