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SoMad 24-Feb-18 22:27pm View    
Is this for professional (work) use, for a course assignment or are you just doing it for fun?
I ask because it seems like you think it will be easy/quick to develop a Point Of Sales (register) application. It really is not simple.
SoMad 12-May-17 1:49am View    
Your answer got caught by the spam filter. Since there were no other solutions to the question and it looks like this fixed your problem on Windows 10, I let your answer through the spam moderation. It is something we are always careful doing when someone answers an old question, but hopefully it can help someone else that runs into the same issue.
SoMad 28-Sep-16 15:21pm View    
I did not make updates to this, but it got trapped by the site's spam filter and I let it through because it is not spam.
However, please update your question rather than posting updates as answers.
Also, I suspect your program source code is more than just "#include", so something is missing.
SoMad 6-Aug-16 16:10pm View    
And, if I was in charge of soldiers that rarely walk and can't see past 100m, I would not be a happy camper ;)
SoMad 30-Jan-16 23:53pm View    
Hello. Yes, FFmpeg supports audio capturing. It is difficult to help you when you don't mention anything about what you want to do or how.
I know you said you want to capture audio files, but do you need to record short files when you press a button or does the recording have to run for days, weeks, months?
Have you already settled on your programming language, the Operating System it has to run on, etc?

Even though you are "only" interested in capturing audio and not video, you still have about 5 parts as I mentioned at the beginning of my answer. In your case you want to store the audio in files, so part 3) would be file management rather than network transmission, but don't underestimate the complexity of that.