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Comments by Ravinder Singh (Top 18 by date)

Ravinder Singh 1-Apr-16 12:28pm View
every possible os n compiler
Ravinder Singh 27-Mar-16 3:54am View
system() is a function of Dos.h header file and dos.h primarily check win32 API
and CreateProcess also does the same
Ravinder Singh 27-Mar-16 3:52am View
i am not conflicting rules of os. our os run with concept of priority n switching btw task in seconds but the main os code run throughout without intruption even when we open any exe also. i mean to say that os codes always run parallel to other applications so how is that possible
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 7:57am View
can u plz provide a link for algorithm or program rather than whole theory
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 7:55am View
plz provide me link for inline assembler in turbo c(Dos)
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 7:50am View
i will love to write but since i know for operaating system i must first have basic knowledge of asm (which i dont have) so i have to proceed with the tools i have
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 7:48am View
there surely are some ways possible to do so because if there is no such way then our operating system will also not work its basic lie in this concept
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 7:45am View
my whole purpose is to execute a exe file without system call
even if i try to avoid system() in other cases also it will make a system call
plz provide me something that dont do system call
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 5:34am View
i want to run exe within exe without system call
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 2:41am View
because at a point it do system call which i am trying to avoid
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 2:40am View
please provide link for learning debugger
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 2:38am View
software interrupt relating bios.actually i am trying to create a thread library for turbo c(DOS) but i want to avoid system call n strict c without mixing other languages
Ravinder Singh 26-Mar-16 2:34am View
is there any other way. i mean without making any system call n without use of api
Ravinder Singh 24-Mar-16 11:58am View
i want to code in pure c or c++ no mixing
Ravinder Singh 24-Mar-16 11:10am View
i new where error is. its in line where index->bytes=t;
but i dont know why
Ravinder Singh 24-Mar-16 11:06am View
i need to create
Ravinder Singh 24-Mar-16 10:59am View
can anyone could debug my code
Ravinder Singh 24-Mar-16 10:59am View
abnormal terminations under the gcc compiler.can anyone could debug my code??