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newbie1992 1-Nov-18 2:37am View    
hi, i already check my code
i don't think there is any problem with my variable

i forgot to include it in this question cause it was in different line of code

here is the sample code

_pathLoc = "C:\\bookbar\\Book Borrowed Record\\Form " + formNumber + "\\" + formName ;

if (!Directory.Exists(_pathLoc)) {
// create path location if the path string doesn't exist

_imagePath = _pathLoc + "\\" +studentName + ".jpeg";
newbie1992 11-Sep-18 20:30pm View    
newbie1992 7-Nov-17 21:53pm View    
thanks dave, i finally solve this problem.. thank you for ur advice
newbie1992 7-Nov-17 20:56pm View    
ok noted sir.
so in this case
is this mean that i should just let my thread retrieve the result of database
after done that process the i continue with my UI Stuff?
newbie1992 4-Sep-17 20:26pm View    
have everyone
I am very sorry that I am late in return a feedback cause I just came back from holiday
I would like to say thank you for all of the comments and answers
sorry for make an unclear question.
Will research on the suggestion given below :) thanks..