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Comments by Laurie Stearn (Top 12 by date)

Laurie Stearn 14-Dec-15 9:20am View    
@Jochen Great! I think we can also use this:
Laurie Stearn 13-Dec-15 19:35pm View    
Gotcha now. Via Google there's a bit of variation:
We get -3FFFFFCD from here:
The idea was great here but didn't work for negative numbers:
Laurie Stearn 13-Dec-15 16:48pm View    
The whole shebang is here:
Go easy please, the code is well, pretty gross. :P
Laurie Stearn 13-Dec-15 8:58am View    
The first one on Google? Or is that wrong?
Laurie Stearn 13-Dec-15 7:53am View    
ntStatus = -1073741773 = 0XFF5C28F7, hdlNTOut is 0 so we are in nadaland. Hmmm, what happened to NT_ERROR?
Is there a subset of NTstatus somewhere?