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Comments by Oğuzhan Kalsın (Top 18 by date)

Oğuzhan Kalsın 12-Nov-15 15:15pm View    
noone actually helps here just writing something for to be writed something
Oğuzhan Kalsın 12-Nov-15 10:22am View    
there is a problem there. i cant ask any questions. really noone knows how can i use "axskype1.settings.AudioI" code ?
Oğuzhan Kalsın 12-Nov-15 9:08am View    
there is nothing in anywhere about "axSkype1.Settings" using. what do you mean with using? in c# and reference is skype4Com. that is it
Oğuzhan Kalsın 12-Nov-15 8:55am View    
i dont know what is that skype4COM 1.0 i am using i guess
Oğuzhan Kalsın 11-Nov-15 21:35pm View    
"Why not use Google. or whatever search engine is your favourite?" yes of course. my favourite engine knows everything how couldnt i think about this so sorry.stop it already