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R.M49 28-Apr-17 14:56pm View    
the if statment doesn't contain the insertstatement, it contains the error message that I wrote it. I want to display the error message that I put in dr.hasraw statment when the username is duplicated, I don't want to get an error page from the browser I want to show my error message. What I want is to show a message box if the username exists.
R.M49 27-Apr-17 17:58pm View    
Ok I tried the below code and I tested it with button and it worked, but know I want to assign it to the insert command of the detailsview. I tried to put it in DetailsView1_ItemInserting but in case of if statement it gives me the yellow error page with PK duplication, but in case of else statement is works fine. Any Help??

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protected void DetailsView1_ItemInserting(object sender, DetailsViewInsertEventArgs e)        {            SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnectionString"].ConnectionString);            string query = "select Username from [Login] where Username = '" + ((TextBox)DetailsView1.FindControl("TextBox1")).Text + "'";            SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(query, con);            con.Open();            SqlDataReader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();                        dr.Read();            if (dr.HasRows == true)            {                 Response.Write("<script>alert('Username is Already Exists')</script>");             }            else            {                Response.Write("<script>alert('SuccessFully Saved')</script>");            }             con.Close();        }
R.M49 27-Apr-17 7:31am View    
how to fix it
R.M49 26-Apr-17 15:26pm View    
As I wrote nothing.
R.M49 26-Apr-17 15:16pm View    
the button click is with detailsview (InsertCommand), I tried to but it in item inserting and item inserted but it didn't work