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Comments by sewtha22 (Top 7 by date)

sewtha22 6-Nov-15 2:41am View    
John I created the Partial View for Area. I just created the View Only Now how i do the Crud operation for that Partial view and how to use that partial view inside of the main view
sewtha22 6-Nov-15 2:02am View    
ok john i got it lets i have a try ..
sewtha22 6-Nov-15 1:13am View    
John I didn't get any link .. can you send me the link again please..
sewtha22 5-Nov-15 23:20pm View    
Yes John You are exactly Correct. what i need is I have one Main View and Another view for Area, City, State, Country. How can i create Partial View For area City State Country and how to use inside of Main View..
sewtha22 5-Nov-15 7:27am View    
Yes John I need Area ,City, State , Country as separate View. And i need to refer these Views Id's Area, City, State, Country View ID to Main View (Customer)