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Garth J Lancaster 15-Jun-21 7:46am View    
Can you use a circular queue to hold updates, then combine 'n' updates into a larger buffer, then write that ?
Garth J Lancaster 3-Apr-21 20:36pm View    
as realJSOP said ... look, you COULD write LINQ/XML, but then you're still stuck with getting the three different types of result from the result of that - which could be just as painful .. if you really need the LINQ having looked at deserialisation, you would be better off with three queries, assuming the shipping order has only one orderperson, shipto & then the multiple items can be a collection on their own
Garth J Lancaster 19-Jan-21 0:58am View    
That appears to be a curly one ! I don't have a joystick, so can't test for you, and searching for a useable project you can use a test/starter is seeming hard at the moment - there's this I found that may be of some use. Note the response from Valdemar there, sometimes dealing with hardware it's useful to try a simple console mode program to see if you can 'talk' to the hardware before going on to Winforms stuff

One thing, you say 'comes up with errors' .. we can't see your screen, so, that's not really helpful for us - maybe you could see what the 'highest level' error or 'most important' error appears to be and post that (edit your question)

[edit] this might also help as a 'starter' [/edit]
Garth J Lancaster 9-Jan-21 20:41pm View    
yup - as per the official MS doc :-)
Garth J Lancaster 9-Jan-21 19:46pm View    
Can you dump/list permissions on the service account at a customer where it does work, then compare against a customer where it doesnt ? (you'd need pretty understanding customer I guess)