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Member 12170781 5-May-16 11:14am View    
didn't work..same error
Member 12170781 4-May-16 2:28am View    
Thank you so much buddy
Member 12170781 4-May-16 2:19am View    
@KARTHIK Bangalore after applying your suggestion I am getting exact output but the format of output is like this "00:00:20.9214091" 20 is the seconds and 9214091 is the milliseconds, am I right ?. I don't want to show the do I do that?
Member 12170781 3-May-16 13:21pm View    
Thank you so much for reminding about breakpoint. Now I come to know where I am making mistake.
Member 12170781 22-Apr-16 5:50am View    
the error is same after removing it