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Ratul Thakur 2-Jul-16 9:40am View    
int a=10;
// C becomes:
Ratul Thakur 2-Jul-16 9:33am View    
is it a GUI app or a console application?
the entry point of a simple console app is main() and that of a win32 gui app is WinMain()

and please check your question, its main ,not Main.
Ratul Thakur 30-Jun-16 9:08am View    
the language is my own yeah i'm making a new language for kids with simple syntax. Only interpreted .. i dont think i'm going to make a compiler. Please suggest the stuff i need to learn.
Ratul Thakur 2-Jun-16 12:19pm View    
Solved it .. thanks :-)
Ratul Thakur 29-Apr-16 12:02pm View    
.... -_-
okay i give up here..
what is the best such command based (open source) tool availaible that i can use as a part of my program??