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Comments by H.AL (Top 26 by date)

H.AL 10-Aug-17 11:38am View    
getConnection in java is the Connection.Open in c#;
H.AL 7-Jun-17 10:20am View    
then why the same code is running with SOAP service?
H.AL 5-Apr-17 5:01am View    
you saved my day, Thank you
H.AL 16-Mar-17 6:34am View    
You saved my life by telling me about the js global Variable, thank you very much !
But I am still curios to know how to do the above, if someone can tell me ...
H.AL 16-Mar-17 6:21am View    
- txtPhoneNumber[0].onkeydown = function(){alert(1);} is not working
- I will try to search for global js field and revert back ...