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stackprogramer 5-Apr-16 0:51am View
Yes , i think sqrt(float) function is depreciated. replace it with sqrt(int) may it works .so for solve i change api 23 to api 19 thanks Richard MacCutchan
stackprogramer 3-Apr-16 14:10pm View
thanks for reply Richard MacCutchan,
i did know where for asking.where is best place for this question?
in github wiki and issue is closed for telegram.programmer of it has not any email.
we have not any guide for it.
stackprogramer 3-Apr-16 12:11pm View
thanks for reply but this source is on github .
i think telegram should not have these Goofs!
telegram talked it is compiled successfully in android studio without change!
stackprogramer 22-Mar-16 11:21am View
@Richard MacCutchan thanks for reply.but we had not this problem in Qt ,for old project .it is bad way that old project management is hard.i
has a solution delete gradle and .gradle folder for deleting building prior stage.but i don't know it will work or ......
stackprogramer 19-Mar-16 1:10am View
thanks this is another answer
In your view scripts, often it is necessary to perform certain complex functions over and over: e.g., formatting a date, generating form elements, or displaying action links. You can use helper, or plugin, classes to perform these behaviors for you.
stackprogramer 19-Mar-16 0:48am View
please same sentence send as answer till i accept it
stackprogramer 18-Mar-16 12:24pm View
i added error to top
stackprogramer 13-Mar-16 13:48pm View
thanks for reply.
stackprogramer 12-Mar-16 18:48pm View
please explain about address i want to know about what means * in that structre;
what mean )( in it,
stackprogramer 10-Mar-16 11:32am View
thanks for reply
stackprogramer 10-Mar-16 3:15am View
in other words install new windows.i can not find which reg key is for vmware
stackprogramer 9-Mar-16 12:57pm View
thanks,yes,three times
stackprogramer 8-Mar-16 1:17am View
thanks yes i linux i had these problems
stackprogramer 6-Mar-16 3:35am View
thanks for guidance
stackprogramer 6-Mar-16 1:37am View
thanks for contribution,i am in Crossroads,that which i select!
stackprogramer 5-Mar-16 18:11pm View
yes,but they are for me vague
stackprogramer 4-Mar-16 11:45am View
it message test.exe has stoping working!!
stackprogramer 4-Mar-16 11:45am View
now i uses these commandline:
nasm -f win32 index.asm -o test.o
ld test.o -o test.exe
the file exe created ,when i clicked it i crashed and closed!

thanks for reply
stackprogramer 3-Mar-16 10:34am View
i have this book The_C_Programing_Language 2nd ed Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.pdf
the page 109.
stackprogramer 3-Mar-16 10:07am View
you rescued me from confusion thanks very much
stackprogramer 3-Mar-16 10:04am View
i want to create dealy with method delay.please see
i want to the rotation menu is taken 20 second ike a merry-go-round
stackprogramer 2-Mar-16 14:27pm View
stackprogramer 2-Mar-16 14:26pm View

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