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Computechsoft 5-Dec-20 8:03am View    
Microsoft object library can be use for this purpose you can tell some time component not add in toolbox or not displaying in Add reference ? so how to search or add this component?
Computechsoft 5-Jul-20 2:12am View    
I have resolved ? this issue
Integrated security = True
Computechsoft 28-Jun-20 12:39pm View    
I have created user login in SQL server when i do run application.

This error showing ?
Cannot open database "ABC" requested by the login,
login failed for user 'SampleDataBase' ?
Maybe access permission issue ?
Computechsoft 13-Jan-20 9:46am View    
I want to using this file from resources folder
Dim EmbeddedBytes As Byte() = My.Resources.Embedded

I have seen your example code
How to Load and Display Crystal Reports in VB.NET[^]

Dim objForm As New frmViewReport
objForm.ViewReport("C:\test.rtp", , "@parameter1=test¶mter2=10")
Computechsoft 10-Jan-20 1:31am View    
I now I can't want to open the file anyway but I want embedded resources therefore i
was asking from resources folder.