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xXxRevolutionxXx 13-Sep-18 17:56pm View    
This actually finally solved my problem. Thank you!
xXxRevolutionxXx 12-Sep-18 14:55pm View    
It seems that you are right, but the "exception" is not an actual exception. It's very weird actually, and for that reason I added the CreateRoles method in my topic as well. So, I added a breakpoint to the first line of the method (the one that I initialize the RoleManager) and the debugger goes there, but if I click next, it does not go to the next line in order for me to see what happened. Instead, it just steps out completely and loads the application.
xXxRevolutionxXx 12-Sep-18 13:25pm View    
I have updated the question accordingly. Feel free to tell me if you need any other part of my code.
xXxRevolutionxXx 11-Sep-18 16:52pm View    
Hello! I chose to follow the second way, but I have an issue. I am calling two asynchronous methods in the "hook" using the Wait method, but only the first one seems to get executed. Any idea why ? I could edit my answer to put the code in there if it is more convenient.
xXxRevolutionxXx 29-Aug-17 2:03am View    
Accepted your answer.