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FARONO 15-Apr-16 7:33am View    
Indeed, I don't see the problem?
FARONO 15-Apr-16 7:28am View    
isn't it easier to use "ClickOnce"..?
FARONO 15-Apr-16 7:26am View    
I would say:
Take the longest, compare each char one by one, add char to a string if it exists or * if not..
FARONO 12-Apr-16 3:51am View    
Next to .Net, check your references if you use any
FARONO 12-Apr-16 3:45am View    
Is the "'" (single quote) intentionally there? otherwise this will result in "...WHERE Id = '1 " for example, while Id probably is a number (Int) so loose the quote

Edit: beware of SQL injection when pasting text into query