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Gonzoox 18-Sep-15 15:13pm View
Google not working???
Gonzoox 20-Apr-15 16:38pm View
Your problem lies on the type of hosting you have, shared hosting will not allow you to do this, as the resources of the server are shared (that's why the name) and if you do that kind of functions it will reduce the resources for the other sites hosted in that server.

You can change the type of hosting to a VPS, a dedicated server or try to get your VM's (Cloud Hosting) with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean, yes, it will be more expensive, they either charge you for the Windows license or you have to bring your own, this is extra to the hosting prices, that you pay by the hour and by the GB you transfer in and out , but because you have full control of the OS and dedicated resources you will be able to accomplish what you're looking for
Gonzoox 12-Mar-15 10:56am View
Yes it is possible...
Gonzoox 9-Mar-15 13:50pm View
hey hey, you forgot

6. Da Terminator!!!
7. Profit...
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 16:48pm View
you're changing the "nodename" part to what you actually have right??
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 13:34pm View
You will have to create your own client and host that grabs the remote desktop and streams it... as for the full source code, good luck with that, unless you're willing to pay, you will not get it.
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 13:26pm View
I can't think of a simple way, unless you create a key logger and no one here will help you with that.
You will have to work with each browser and make calls to their API's and/or COM+ exposed methods and take it from there, every time an URL is passed and the browser is starting the navigation, hijack that process, stop it, parse the URL, validate it, then depending on the result of your validation restart the navigation or redirect to an error page.

Good Luck
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 13:14pm View
Is there an Android SDK for Visual Studio???
Gonzoox 15-Jun-11 16:28pm View
Have you tried to debug your code??? VS includes a debugger, it's free
Gonzoox 8-Jun-11 16:24pm View
did Microsoft removed the debug option for the code??? man, I'm happy I got the last version with it
Gonzoox 25-May-11 15:22pm View
I will help you, for an hourly fee... not for free
Gonzoox 25-May-11 15:16pm View
why did you accept something like this if you don't know c++?? this is not a weekend project, this requires a lot, I suggest that you got to your manager and tell him you don't know how to do it, this is one of the reason why we don't give out code and just help when an effort has been done... good luck, I hope you can keep your job
Gonzoox 29-Apr-11 13:15pm View
I love this, I code from time to time software for POS's, getting a receipt to print in a specific format is not that difficult, obvioulsy, I'm not giving out any code, I can help you with any specific errors, but not giving you the code.
Gonzoox 28-Apr-11 14:33pm View
your questions leaves me with a ? in my face... I don't know the structure of your DB, besides if you want someone to do it for you, you need to start talking about $$$, post the code that is giving you the problem and we can take a look at it and help you fixing it, but asking us to do it for you is not free
Gonzoox 27-Apr-11 8:29am View
I still can't see the future or in this case your code, you don't give enough information, you don't post your code where you are having problems, we don't know what the web page does... what is the submit button doing? do you connect to a database? a COM+ component, a script?, is it a SSL connection?, are you treating the output correctly?, how's the security configured for the web browser?
See? there are many questions and you just come saying you have a webform with a button that when you ckick it does nothing
Gonzoox 19-Apr-11 8:32am View
then why not using ADO.Net, if you're planning on saving the data to the database, it will make your life easier...
Gonzoox 8-Apr-11 8:17am View
Windows Services???
Gonzoox 8-Apr-11 8:15am View
This question again???? I'm really surprised, if this is homeowrk, he will fail it, if this is part of his job, probably the client will be very angry about the results... hehehehe, good luck
Gonzoox 5-Apr-11 15:44pm View
Let me try to understand this, first what kind of database? if it's SQL Server, Oracle or something similar why not use the security it has built in, even with access you can create a security file for it to limit who can access it
Gonzoox 1-Apr-11 11:23am View
my mental powers tell me that the problem is in line 177 of the main class that is executing at that moment, if you need more help let me know, I can clearly see the stack trace :)
Gonzoox 29-Mar-11 8:50am View
Gte my 5 JSOP, I hate when you give advise they vote you down.
As for a suggestion to OP, check if there's a web service or something similar that you can connect to send the SMS, if not, then you'll have to live with the popups, ads and whatever the site wants to send your way
Gonzoox 24-Mar-11 10:47am View
what a nightmare, do you expect someone to read this code? at least try to format it using the pre tags?
Gonzoox 21-Mar-11 9:30am View
have you tried anything at all???
Gonzoox 18-Mar-11 10:40am View
what have you tried? what is the problem you're having? show us what have you done and we will be more than happy to help you with a specific problem in your code.
Gonzoox 17-Mar-11 11:02am View
Then I recommend to you to read the basics of .NET, I understand you don't want ebay's DB, but you want to create a site like eBay.
In the basics of .NET will teach you how to connect to a database
Gonzoox 17-Mar-11 10:59am View
is this urgentzzzzzzzz???
Gonzoox 15-Mar-11 8:53am View
Guys, guys, he wants the solution, not advice,so Bhavna, having the solution will cost you 350 USD, having it integrated to your class/application will cost you the same but per hour, you can wire transfer the money to my account, when I get the confirmation from the bank I'll send you an email, if you send me the class/application I can give you an estimate of how long is going to take me.
I'm a professional (not like you) and I'll deliver what I promise
Gonzoox 15-Mar-11 8:43am View
My powers to be able to see your code are low today, so share your code and the exception and probably someone will be able to help
Gonzoox 9-Mar-11 11:45am View
What have you tried? show us some code and tell us where the problem is, no one here will do the work for you if you don't try anything first
Gonzoox 9-Mar-11 11:40am View
what's the error?, this can be because the dependencies included in the setup can be different in your computer
Gonzoox 8-Mar-11 8:26am View
There are a few letters that put together will help you a lot, first the letter G, then O, then another O, and yes another G, now try the letter L, and finally E
No one here will give you the code unless you're willing to pay us for doing your work, try something and then come with a specific problem
Gonzoox 7-Mar-11 16:44pm View
this is a good start, +5
Gonzoox 7-Mar-11 16:35pm View
Of course is worth doing, if you have the time, you will have to create an algorithm very powerful capable of detecting the differences between pages and then match all the information you have (that you'll need to keep in a huge database) with the user's query based on the relevance of the search and the information presented in the page.
Google, Bing, Yahoo and others have something like this and their algorithms are way too advanced, for a school project doing a web crawler and a simple match can help you get the grades you need, still will require a lot of time. For something more advanced you will need time and resources if you want to compete against those monsters called Google or Bing
Gonzoox 4-Mar-11 9:09am View
I see your problem, thought it was SQL Server, anywho, I've not used Index server before, but I have an interesting article that might help you understand better

I read it quickly, and found something about a NEAR operator... probably that is what you need, good luck
Gonzoox 3-Mar-11 14:10pm View
I'm sorry english is not your first language, but your question makes no sense at all, try using google translator and see if that helps and post some code so we can understand your problem
Gonzoox 3-Mar-11 8:29am View
it's ok if your english is not perfect, mine is not perfect either, anyway, what have you investigated, what kind of cameras? interfaces? do the cameras have an API you can you use? do they broadcast to the internet? in which way they broadcast? to a central server where you can connect and get the stream? to a specific IP? probably the cameras come with an OCX or other kind of control you can use
See what we mean when we say that you need to come up with something, not just come and ask a question and hope someone can read your mind and come up with a solution
Gonzoox 2-Mar-11 11:43am View
I guess Google only works for some people and not everyone... or over the time Google became too complex and requires that the search be written in assembler...
Gonzoox 1-Mar-11 10:23am View
Guys guys, we are professionals, lets help this guy, I mean, don't we help our customers with whatever they want, everything for a fee... so kunal25, anyone here will be more than happy to develop this for you, fees and time to deliver will be different, I'll recommend to you to contact a few and see who's interested and how much they will charge you... good luck
Gonzoox 17-Feb-11 14:02pm View
I've been working with POS's for years, is not an easy task, if you're going there, think about a very simple solution, more like a calculator that can read prices from a database using a simple ID, if you want to go the whole 9 yards is going to take you years, is a complicated environment, even if you think is not.
Gonzoox 17-Jan-11 8:07am View
homework perhaps??? what have you tried? is there a particular piece of your code giving you problems?
Gonzoox 13-Jan-11 15:42pm View
He already did provided you with links to code... you want him to do it for you? then make a proposal to him, either pay by project or by hour and probably he will think about it
+5 Espen
Gonzoox 13-Jan-11 15:38pm View
I'll be more than happy to code it for you, do you want to pay me by project or by hour???
Gonzoox 28-May-10 13:12pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
This is not an answer
Gonzoox 21-May-10 16:57pm View
so you were expecting us to do your work? you're wrong, the answer is perfect as a guide, if you don't know what you're doing then look for another job, this is not for you
Gonzoox 21-May-10 16:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
Offending the person trying to help and explaining him what to do and NOT doing his work
Gonzoox 12-May-10 15:35pm View
I really don't understand why if you don't do their work they give you a vote of 1, I gave you a 5 because you're answering his question, not doing his work, you pointed him where to look for an answer... good job
Gonzoox 7-May-10 16:47pm View
I was thinking on offering to do his work, but I don't think he can afford it, just one more person coming here asking for us to do his work for free...