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DBPatric 4-Jul-16 16:03pm View    
I can tell from the title that isn't it. It's not frozen, it's stuck. I can type letters, but they do nothing. I can see how my question might be a tad ambiguous because I'm not sure if there isn't a technical term for what I'm experiencing. Thanks though.
DBPatric 4-Jul-16 16:02pm View    
Thanks. I pressed ctrl-z and it immediately stopped it. Terminal suddenly got 10x easier to use! I will try to be more careful typing commands correctly in the future though.
DBPatric 4-Jul-16 15:58pm View    
I can tell by the title that has absolutely nothing to do with my problem.
DBPatric 2-Jul-16 15:09pm View    
But it was just available before I revised it! Why did it change? Plus I got an update on one of the solutions it won't let me see now.
DBPatric 2-Jul-16 13:15pm View    
So it's not something in my compiler itself? Everyone acts like they just unzip the sources and compile them that way.

More detail:
Based on a setup that was intended to compile gtk with mingw32, I have added ansi.h, config.h, pkg-config, and nasm to mingw. I have also augmented msys (which is 32-bit) with perl 5.24, findutils, autotool, automake, libtool, and xml::simple.

I'll look into the header thing some more, but unless my problem is not unusual I still think it's in my setup.