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Comments by Bo Vistisen (Top 4 by date)

Bo Vistisen 25-Mar-20 6:53am View
Again: Thank you OriginalGriff.

I have tried many things this last week because it annoys me that Chrome fails.
I have been in the details and tried simple tests but every test fails with Chrome.
I did find some few issues in my code but nothing that really made a change.

Then I took a different approach. Where does the web app actual work?

The app ( is simple volunteer charity utility app and holds access to five lists:
Journals, Achieves, Artefacts, Photos and Search.
Each list holds at least one dropdown box that uses a cookie for being remembered.
Which browser can change position in the list and keep the selected choices?

On my pc running Windows 10: Edge and Firefox can. Chrome fails!
On my Samsung Android Tablet: Newly installed Edge and Firefox can. Chrome fails!

And then not to forget the strange thing: A Chrome browser instant on my pc, started by MS Visual Studio, works when it is used on the hosted web app.

What can be learned from that? Problems with coding or problems with Chrome?

Thanks, Bo
Bo Vistisen 21-Mar-20 7:16am View
Thank you for feed-back.

I only create cookies and write cookies without thinking on the browser that is going to look at the web app. Developing in Visual Studio with Chrome as default browser works fine.

The problem starts when I upload the code to the host. Here Edge works perfect and Chrome does not work at all - with cookies. I don't think there should be anything wrong with the cookies routine code, since they work with Chrome in VS develope environment.

About GDPR I am not certain. I never ask the users permission to cookies at all, because I don't store or save any information of the user. The cookies I keep is for the most navigation cookies for the next .aspx page. Can it be here I am wrong?
In the end of all this, we will proberly find that the error is mine. But where and how.

Can it be a setting in Chrome that makes this difference?
According to your answer it should not be possible to have two sessions of the same browser that acts different.

And still keep in mind that during development locally, with VS2019 and Chrome as default, it works. It is first when it goes to the website that Chrome fails.

Thanks, Bo
Bo Vistisen 6-Nov-18 6:41am View
Thanks again.
I am not really prepared to start changing too much with my MS Development Environment. I mean, it is a complete package - like a car - you dont just change the engine because it will not start.

First I substitute my Session and ViewState with cookies testing for one single page. It worked fine. I might even consider change over to it, because I feel that I have hands on the program.

In the middle of it all this I need to change to Administrator and it told me that I needed to opdate - it would take several minutes! Stranges I did not have this message before.

Before doing anything else I just wanted to test if this update had any thing to do with my sudden problems. IT HAD!! Now it is working again. We will never find out why but who cares.

I will appolegise for the 'noise'. I am just glad everything is working again.

PS: I had to look up what Cassini was. Did not know that it was a part in Visual Studio 2010 Professional. It is not mentioned anywhere in the installed products.
Bo Vistisen 5-Nov-18 13:56pm View
Thank you very much!
VS2010? Yes, I am retiered - my prime time was from 1980-2015 through all Microsoft products - but accepted to write an application to move the registration of the local historic archive - paper card based, but with some MS Access registration - of my small community.
I love Microsoft. The development of the programming environment have entertained me.
But there are days where I hate Microsoft. Take your solution: Do you allow to install Web PI? Yes or No. Not a single information of what PI is, or what Web PI can do for me! Ok, I install it. Now I am sitting looking at Web Platform Installer 5.1! Not a single line of information in the application. Nothing about why Web PI could be a help for me. No information about the apps that could be installed. No word about why I could need this.
Think about the talk about AI to day? What is AI? This is as much information and help to you, here and now where you need it. And then we have Microsoft. And we use them and are dependent of them, but I say sometime they leave us behind.

Please excuse my engish. I will try to search for information how to use Web PI. What I did read, was that i need to use webmatrix.
Thanks for listining.