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Comments by wardakhan (Top 9 by date)

wardakhan 25-Jun-16 14:16pm View
When i execute the program, it says module not specified.
wardakhan 25-Jun-16 14:15pm View
Javascript file...
wardakhan 29-May-16 7:40am View
no don't delete, it's fine!!! thanks a ton!!!
wardakhan 29-May-16 7:36am View
Yeah, I've updated.
wardakhan 29-May-16 7:26am View
Same error. Well, I'm learning Mean Stack.
wardakhan 29-May-16 7:19am View
I got an error on (age < 18):
[ts] Operator '<' cannot be applied to types 'string' and 'number'.
var age: string
wardakhan 28-May-16 11:11am View
Thanks a ton!!! I'm happy with windows 8.1. Later, I'll update my system. :)
wardakhan 22-May-16 11:51am View
wardakhan 22-May-16 11:42am View
I'm going to install VS 2015 Professional, I've downloaded the link you give. Let's see what will next. Well, thanks a ton!!! :)