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Member 12569032 18-Jun-16 19:05pm View    
My purpose is finding all loop invariant necessary to formally prove that the algorithm does what it is created for using induction. User input is assumed to be correct and I need to prove partial correction only (proving termination is not needed).
Member 12569032 11-Jun-16 19:24pm View    
Size of elements i mean. Each element in the array could be of any size, BYTE or DWORD depending on what size you declare the array.
Member 12569032 11-Jun-16 19:11pm View    
In my assignment my code is suppose to work for any size of array
Member 12569032 11-Jun-16 18:05pm View    
I did, but I accidently deleted the question and then tried to improve, but then saw that it was deleted.
Member 12569032 11-Jun-16 17:52pm View    
Any ideas how to make the code work for any size of array?