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Surya_Narayan 11-Apr-17 4:39am View    
I think to do this you need to jail broke the apple device . Another way of doing it by creating an simple iOS app , extracting data .. and send back to server . and then from server to web browser or may be to your desktop app .. whatever . Hope this help
Surya_Narayan 13-Sep-16 8:31am View    
did you defiened locations ?
Surya_Narayan 13-Sep-16 8:29am View    
use typeconversion to conver result value to Int Datatype .
the replace NSNumber to NSInteger ..
I guess it will work
Surya_Narayan 27-Jul-16 7:06am View    
very Poor answer. did understand what he was asking..
Surya_Narayan 27-Jul-16 7:05am View    
what is your structure of your TableViewCell ?