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Member 12586110 1-Dec-20 14:26pm View    
Hi OriginalGriff, Thank you for your response. I am passing the json text to the to the variable jsonstring. I updated my original post accordingly.
Member 12586110 23-Jul-20 15:52pm View    
Hi Richard, The json document is blank no error. If switch the code back to the deserialize and serialize that works.

City[] Cities = oJS.Deserialize<city[]>(cities);
json = oJS.Serialize(Cities);
Member 12586110 23-Jul-20 13:28pm View    
Hi Richard, Made changes to the code. I tried the below as well no luck.

List<object> buildingslist = new List<object>();

json = oJS.Serialize(buildingslist);

Thank you.
Member 12586110 23-Jul-20 10:09am View    
Hi Richard, I tried but couldn't get it to write the raw file.
Member 12586110 22-Jul-20 16:59pm View    
Hi Richard, Modified my question accordingly, I am using JavaScriptSerializer. The api payload is json. I am deserializing and serializing is there a slick way to accomplish this.

City[] Cities = oJS.Deserialize<city[]>(cities);

json = oJS.Serialize(Cities);