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AlexLearne 15-Aug-16 15:25pm View
I am sorry for confusing you, I updated the question. I understand what the code does. Well, I think I do
AlexLearne 14-Aug-16 7:16am View
Thank you!
AlexLearne 13-Aug-16 17:15pm View
Thank you a lot for your answer, I think you have already told me about using the debugger and I do want to learn it but I have some questions and I tried to ask them but unfortunately my comment was left unnoticed by you.
Of course, I can google them and I am sure I will find lots of answers but I would like to learn from somebody who is experienced as you are.
1. Do you personally use Visual Studio Debugger?
2. What about debugging right in the console? Is it worse? Is it too difficult for a beginner like me?
3. How did you learn to debug?
Any tips will be very appreciated. And again, I am very grateful for your help!
AlexLearne 12-Aug-16 8:10am View
Yes, I think that would be very nice, do you use visual studio as well?
I hear people talk about debugging all the time but I don`t see many tutorials on them. Also, what about debugger in console, did it prove to be useful?
AlexLearne 11-Aug-16 9:59am View
Ok, I got it. Thanks again!
AlexLearne 11-Aug-16 9:34am View
Thank you for your answer. This is what I actually thought it was but you never know for sure!
AlexLearne 11-Aug-16 6:23am View
Thank you for your answer, also comments in the code help a lot. Very nice explanation!
AlexLearne 10-Aug-16 11:17am View
Thanks! Great help!
AlexLearne 10-Aug-16 11:05am View
Thank you a lot! But since I am a newbie I have some questions to ask.Would you please help me understand the code completely?
What is this line doing? var count = itemCounts[item] || 0;
Are you adding the values to the object?
Thanks anyway!
AlexLearne 9-Aug-16 9:40am View
haha, ok, this has not been easy for me either but I like challenges. Lately, I have been mostly learning by exercising but I like to mix up videos, books and exercises.
AlexLearne 9-Aug-16 9:00am View
How did you learn it?
AlexLearne 9-Aug-16 8:32am View
Thank you!
AlexLearne 7-Aug-16 11:25am View
You came to the rescue again. I really like the fact you are giving me directions but not the actual answers. This makes me think.Thank you)
AlexLearne 7-Aug-16 10:58am View
Thank you very much, I know it is not on the task but I have never seen the example you gave me. How would you go about solving this, let`s assume we also want to add a word 'for' which would return 4 instead, would I need to use the same approach? Again, thank you!
AlexLearne 6-Aug-16 2:53am View
Again, functions are not allowed. I posted an example above that alerts "Hello World", can I do the same using return? Take a look)
AlexLearne 6-Aug-16 2:28am View
The thing is no, I think I found a similar solution and alerts "Hello world!" and I would like it to return "Hello world". Look at this code, do you have any idea how I can correct it?

AlexLearne 6-Aug-16 2:23am View
Thank you for your answer but you are using strings inside of your array and unfortunately that is not allowed as well as functions)
AlexLearne 5-Aug-16 15:06pm View
Thank you for your attention. I did find a solution and now I see this problem differently. You really got me thinking! I need a mentor like you!hah
AlexLearne 5-Aug-16 15:04pm View
Thank you for your help, I could not even think about recursion!
AlexLearne 5-Aug-16 7:07am View
Is it understandable what I am trying to do?
AlexLearne 5-Aug-16 6:23am View
I am sorry for confusing you. I updated the question, hope it is clear now! I am really bad at explaining programming tasks!
AlexLearne 5-Aug-16 6:06am View
Well, this is the task, to count how many steps I need to find a palindrome. I know I would need to create a counter variable but the most difficult thing is how do I get the palindrome?
AlexLearne 1-Aug-16 7:04am View
Thank you a lot, I guess I will have to use some other method, thanks anyway)
AlexLearne 1-Aug-16 6:31am View
There is one last question, how can I check nobody types a whitespace before the number? At the moment it accepts whitespaces
AlexLearne 1-Aug-16 6:20am View
You are a lifesaver, thanks!
AlexLearne 1-Aug-16 6:10am View
Thank you for your answer, but regex is really preferable here since I would like to check if somebody typed 2 numbers and also string is not acceptable. I would need to perform some calculations on minutes later. But your solution really works)
AlexLearne 1-Aug-16 6:01am View
I am sorry, it gives me a syntax error, should it be like this?
str.match(/(?<=\d+:)\d{2}(?=:\d+)/) ?