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Member 12654313 10-Jul-19 3:38am View
my friend i can understand this but trust me i tried many things but fail thats why i thought to ask here any logic or any help let me explain more

my friend i have 5 accounting modules

cash payments

cash receipts

bank payments and receipts

journal entries

now all these modules are based on chart of accounts . in cash payment mostly cash in hand i credit and the account to whom we pay is debit .

now in chart of accounts cash in hand type or nature remains DR but other account to whom we pay cash is credit and if we pay him and his account type is DR in chart of account, then his account must show CR after we do entry in cash payment. and same like if we do entry in cash receipt, then his account will be DR if in chart of account its CR, becz we are receiving payment from him.

now i am not able to change the type of status from DR to CR or CR to DR after every transactions .
Member 12654313 12-Jun-19 7:47am View
not working :(
Member 12654313 12-Jun-19 7:17am View
suppose my column of TYPE is 7 and OPENING BALANCE is 6 so how can i do it with your code ?
Member 12654313 12-Jun-19 4:13am View
thank you for your code i was looking for code . i change your code to .net
Dim cell = Me.COADataGridView(e.ColumnIndex, e.RowIndex)
Dim n As Single

If Single.TryParse(cell.Value.ToString(), n) Then

If n < 0 Then
cell.Value += " CR"
cell.Value += " DB"
End If
End If

your code worked ok but i have a separate column name type , under that column i need , whenever balance goes to -tive, the sign of DR in type column change to CR for that particular account , also i need that code to work on form load event . i need it to run while user open chart of accounts
Member 12654313 9-Apr-19 5:37am View
Thank you for link but i need sir
Member 12654313 9-Apr-19 3:38am View
dear nirav i need any guide or idea to do it.
Member 12654313 1-Jan-19 0:25am View
nope i am not a student i am IT engineer in uae. i have idea to do this but i thought maybe if i write any additional line or code in my code then maybe it work the way i want.
Member 12654313 31-Dec-18 8:47am View
ok i understand your point but can you write any code for me please that can help me in autocomplete and fetch the description ..... that will be great help for me ...happy new year