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SteveMets 6-Dec-11 16:32pm View
Does anyone have an example of where the Web.Config AND the App.Config can be updated at runtime using WebConfigurationManager (in the former) and ConfigurationManager in the latter? My ASP.Net web app has its EF4 DAL in a separate project, so both need to be updated.
SteveMets 6-Dec-11 14:51pm View
I am re-posting, since my first was done as an 'alternative tip';


Do you know how this can be done with a Web application, which also has a Data Access Layer (I'm using EF4), where the process you describe needs to be set in both the Web.Config, and the DAL App.Config? Articles I've read show that WebConfigurationManager is used for the Web Application, and ConfigurationManager is used for the DAL, but I am getting an error, and am unsure how to proceed.