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Member 12690113 17-Aug-16 13:34pm View    
ok let say my ISP gives me an IP address of the public IP) and within my internal an IP address rang of - is being released to computers internally via a wireless access point which has a default gateway of So in this case if i connect the cable from my ISP directly to my server and i configure DHCP on it, what then happens those that want to get internet access via wifi since the dhcp is configured on the server? please help me here cos this my first job as system admin
and i don't want to screw things up
Member 12690113 17-Aug-16 13:11pm View    
ppolymorphe thanks a lot for your response. But the real issue it that am going to run a software on the server and information from different location(via phone apps) will be gathered here. This means that i will have to give the server a public IP so that those information can be directed to the server. This client computers in the company's internal network will also have their software-feed and authentication from the server. Do you think it's possible?