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Member 12702056 28-Sep-21 3:37am View
MadCap Flare
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 19:09pm View
I have tried the second way that u advised me, but idk why, it didn't work :( IDK what i have done wrong
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 17:41pm View
Thank u so much, i will try it :)
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 16:37pm View
Thank u for your advice, i have external css file, but as i use bootstrap, some css files are already ready, not written by me. So i wanna find a way not to change line by line or attribute by attribute
Member 12702056 16-May-19 12:30pm View
Yeah, thanks so much, it will be helpful enough, Sir :)
Member 12702056 15-May-19 12:03pm View
Bryian Tan, thanks so much for your answer, it really worked :) Now, i would like to ask you a question related to improvement of this project of mine. If i want to have another div(form) as a second tab in the same page after choosing an option, how can i do that? I mean, instead of "window.location.href" what should i use related to JS to add a second form in the same page? or the best question will be how should i search about it? I need a keyword to search myself and see examples and then work on it myself.
Thanks in advance :)
Member 12702056 10-May-19 6:53am View
It is what u concluded, but it doesn't mean it is what i am doing. Thanks anyway.
Member 12702056 9-May-19 14:34pm View
Have i told u that the whole code is mine? U can't disrespect me like this, it is not right.
Member 12702056 9-May-19 13:28pm View
All people use the help of the internet while coding, but it isn't exact copy paste. I also know JQuery as a JavaScript Library, so i have mentioned it as a JS code. Anyway thanks for your advice :)
Member 12702056 9-May-19 13:25pm View
Thank u so much for your advice :)
Member 12702056 8-May-19 6:04am View
Thanks so much for your advice, but i have shared all the codes i have written, so wouldn't it be possible if u help me to get what thing is wrong?
Member 12702056 7-Jul-17 8:31am View
With creating object of another class,we use that object to call methods of that class and it must not be static. Without being static with using object dot method name and paranthesis in main method of main class, we can call method of that class as you showed above. I got it. Thanks again :)
Member 12702056 7-Jul-17 8:28am View
Thank you very much :)
Member 12702056 7-Jul-17 8:00am View
This means for calling some methods inside o another static method,those methods also must be static,could i get it?is that right?
Member 12702056 7-Jul-17 7:58am View
Thanks a lot,i got it :)
Member 12702056 8-Jan-17 3:33am View
Thanks for you advice :)
Member 12702056 8-Jan-17 2:56am View
Then how can correct it?If you have opinion,please let me know.Becuase i have tried many ways to solve this problem ,but i can't solve it:/
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 17:42pm View
ok,thanks for advice.
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 17:21pm View
Unfortunately,i can't debug.So i don't know how result look like :/
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 16:42pm View
I wrote about it before my code that, when i want to delete lesson from listLesson ,the output is "No Exist!",but actually i have created a lesson object and added that lesson to listLesson.
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 14:12pm View
i have updated my question.
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 14:11pm View
i have updated my question.
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 14:11pm View
I have corrected it.
Member 12702056 7-Jan-17 14:11pm View
I have corrected it :)
Member 12702056 6-Jan-17 12:58pm View
there is a problem with delete lesson method in student class.
Member 12702056 6-Jan-17 12:49pm View
becuase there are 4classes that are related with university management system.
Member 12702056 6-Jan-17 12:48pm View
Can you give your email,then i will send you my complete project,then you wil able to see the problem.
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 11:50am View
there are errors again
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 11:29am View
i know,but i mean how can i solve this problem?in my project i must use parameter type of isprime
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 9:38am View
Thank you,i updated it)
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 9:20am View
it says that "Create method minPrime in isprime.isprime.listener1"
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 9:10am View
how can i share photo of it?
Member 12702056 18-Dec-16 9:10am View
how can i share photo of it?
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 9:44am View
i only mean is this correct way in java programming :) and you said yes,thank you for all explanations
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 9:41am View
Thanks a lot :)
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 9:34am View
thank you very much ,really very good expalanation :)
can i ask you one more thing?
i want to be sure that i write that part correctly:
public boolean equals(Triangle t) {
if (this.a.getDistance(this.b) == t.a.getDistance(t.b)
&& this.a.getDistance(this.c) == t.a.getDistance(t.c)
&& this.b.getDistance(this.c) == t.b.getDistance(t.c))
return true;
return false;

i mean that for comparing them is this way correct?like i compare "this Triangle" with "Triangle t".yes?
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 9:27am View
no,i think i got it now, am i right now? please,look that i changed code,becuase i added points to Triangle t2. did you mean this?
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 9:04am View
thank you very much
and one more thing
i corrected my code above:
public boolean equals(Triangle t) {
if (this.a.getDistance(this.b) == t.a.getDistance(t.b)
&& this.a.getDistance(this.c) == t.a.getDistance(t.c)
&& this.b.getDistance(this.c) == t.b.getDistance(t.c))
return true;
return false;
it must be like this,yes?
i must compare these points with points of Triangle t
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 8:42am View
could i get what you mean?
Member 12702056 6-Nov-16 8:40am View
you mean for knowing" do they equal or not " i must give the points to t2 in main function?
for example,
after t2 i must set points?:
Triangle t2 = new Triangle();
Member 12702056 25-Oct-16 10:59am View
Thanks a lot,almost this was only problem in my program,thank you really :)) Finally it is working :)
Member 12702056 25-Oct-16 9:57am View
Thank you very much,i will take them consideration :)
Member 12702056 25-Oct-16 9:45am View
ok,thank you.but i think i have problem with main function.Although i setted values ,they were considered like 0.
Member 12702056 25-Oct-16 9:24am View
i have tried,but i can't learn it,may be for understanding of it i must know more things about programming.
Member 12702056 25-Oct-16 8:27am View
thank you a lot,i tried,but now problem with "k" variable, i don't know how can i solve it?
Member 12702056 28-Sep-16 10:06am View
Thank you ,but if you know c++,then really you can learn java in two days,but of course not completely.However if you know c++,you will be able to know most of java concepts also.
Member 12702056 26-Sep-16 12:48pm View
Thanks much.
Member 12702056 26-Sep-16 7:06am View
Sorry,i did not mean it for rudeness,my english is not very good,becuase of that i wrote it,but i didn't know it is like rudeness.
Member 12702056 25-Sep-16 12:37pm View
but my browser has error about this adres,why?!
Member 12702056 25-Sep-16 12:36pm View
Thank you.
Member 12702056 25-Sep-16 12:35pm View
Thank you.
Member 12702056 25-Sep-16 12:10pm View
not just basic programs.I mean that i want to learn java but to be related wtih c++,i read that if someone know c++,it is possible that that person can learn java quickly.So i want to learn basic concepts about java for writing basic tutorial that will be explained difference of java from c++ and also similarity,and with this person will be able to learn java(like beginner).
Member 12702056 13-Sep-16 22:16pm View
Thank you for your answer.I got that it's because of showbase,but does this have special cause that why showbase must insert this 0x for hexadecimal,0 for octal numbers?
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 16:48pm View
Thank you very much for your answers : )
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 14:26pm View
Thank you,i got what i tried to understand :)
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 14:25pm View
Thanks for your answer,but actually you explained in the difficult way for me :)
Especially this part:"the OR will ensure that the character it output is always lower case. Unless it's character in this set: "@[\]^" which get converted to "`{|}~" and "_" which will be font dependant."
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 14:24pm View
But if i compare char and int ,must i change one of them to another one type?like,if i compare x is greater or 4 ,must i change x to int,or 4 to char?
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 13:34pm View
I meant comparison like this one,comparison between number and character,can we use and ,exclusive OR in programs like this?does that mean anything?
Member 12702056 11-Sep-16 13:13pm View
Thank you for your answer :) Actually,i have tried to learn debugging,but i can't find good explanations for debugging in dev c++,and i have tried in Visual Studio also,but i can't download Visual Studio without problems,all of times it causes problems and errors in my computer.
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 4:28am View
Thanks :),but I like other advicer said "tick tack toe game" for example this is really a good idea.and I wanted you to give me ideas like that.Not only about his interest,but also like interesting game or other ideas .
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 4:03am View
Thank you for your idea.But not like beginner don't know Hello world .I know concepts of c++ and I am better then new beginner like I can write many program in c++ .Only if it is possible,please share idea about c++ program for gift ,then I will decide which of your ideas I can do :)
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 3:54am View
Thanks a lot for sharing your idea :)
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 3:48am View
But this is not interesting or special programming code ,I think .don't you think like me?
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 3:47am View
Apple in c++?!I can't understand what you mean.
Member 12702056 5-Sep-16 3:46am View
I am going to explain what I mean as surprise.
Please,think like this:You are beginner in c++ and there is a birthday or some special day of your programming teacher at university.Because of he is programming teacher of you,so you want to give c++ program gift like code.
So , i want you to share your ideas what can be my c++ program for gift?some interesting ideas as c++ program.
Member 12702056 4-Sep-16 16:52pm View
Does anyone have an idea?
Member 12702056 4-Sep-16 15:36pm View
i did solving like in the video and then it was solved :)
Member 12702056 3-Sep-16 12:43pm View
I especially tried solutions which is given on microsoft links as you shared.But still i can't solve it.
Member 12702056 3-Sep-16 12:39pm View
I know,i also read and tried many of them.However i asked,becuase if someone can really solve this problem.because i can't solve with those solvings.
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 18:37pm View
Philippe Mori,i searched about debugging,but which one is better for debugging?beginning with visual studio or dev c++?
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 17:17pm View
But the code works on my computer.
I'm gonna learn ,but i am only beginner in c++ ,so firstly i try only to learn concepts and some simple programs what i must be able to write and then i'll learn debugging :)
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 16:15pm View
and also please look at that,why don't we have 5 in the result?is it becuase of we firstly assign 5,but then copy it and assign 10,so it is 10 at the I right?
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 16:07pm View
but one more thing i want to ask you.If i don't use {} these,result will be different.but i don't know "why?"
with {}
result is:
Simple constructor
Simple constructor
Copy constructor

without {}
result is like this:
Simple constructor
Simple constructor
Copy constructor
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 16:02pm View
Thanks again ,it was clear explanation :)
Member 12702056 2-Sep-16 13:08pm View
Thanks a lot :) and what about this question?
*p=*obj.p what does this mean? and * means dereference?if you know answer,please let me know too :)
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 17:46pm View
Thanks a lot for your answer :),this program is in c++.Ok,i got it know.i'll do .you mean about tag?! I did not know it,but I changed it.
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 17:34pm View
if you mean about uni.lesson,it was by mistake,i wrote it here wrongly .it was my message to my friend.i saw it,i edit was by mistake.
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 17:32pm View
what did you mean? no,of course. i am beginner in c++,i read many things about work of copy constructor,but some little things that i wrote,i can't understand and i want to know with helping.
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 9:14am View
venkatmakam,very good explanation.Well done :) Finally i can understand work of the copy constructor more clearly :)
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 6:52am View
Thank you much :)
Member 12702056 29-Aug-16 6:52am View
Thanks :)
Member 12702056 28-Aug-16 19:09pm View
Thank you :),but actually i read about it as i wrote.
However why must we copy an object ?why is this important?
I mean if it would not be important,compiler should not call it automatically.This mean it is important for program.But why?i read ,but still i can't find answer for my this question
Member 12702056 28-Aug-16 7:11am View
Thank you :)
I saw that writing in one program example with while loop, but i could not understand exactly.
It is more clear now in my mind .
Member 12702056 28-Aug-16 6:27am View
ppolymorphe,you mean char x='0' equal to int x=48 ?! Is it like this? Could i get it correctly?
And about char x=0;
Is this correct writing?or int 0 can't be equal to char ?
My vote:5 :)
Member 12702056 28-Aug-16 6:21am View
BillWoodruff,thank you for your explanation :),but actually i can't understand what you meant exactly.
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 18:51pm View
but in c++,are they as same as you explained?
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 17:54pm View
i saw this '0' kind of writing mostly in while loop,for example:

i got from your explanation that '0' is a character but it is same with another character char x=48
i wrote it in the program and checked it,yes,it is same char x=48/but you know this from ASCII,yes?
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 16:56pm View
thanks :)
i am new in this website,i don't know how can i ask expert?who are experts?i don't mean meaning,i know meaning of word expert
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 16:45pm View
I got what you mean :) that it should be better than videos :)
I saw that you are professional programmer from your profile . Can i ask you that i want to be c++ debugger,what must i do for it? Also for knowing this language better ,what must i do? :) can you give me advice,please?
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 16:40pm View
ok :)
but i am beginner in c++ ,i began this year,so beacuse of this i learn from videos about c++ more than books.but i will try books also,thanks :)
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 16:21pm View
ppolymorphe,ok,thanks :)
I'll try .
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 16:02pm View
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan,thank you very much
Finally,i got what i wanted to understand exactly :)
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 15:59pm View
Thanks much :)
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 15:59pm View
Thanks a lot :)
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 15:38pm View
ppolymorphe ,they are declared for set function.
and why can't i use other variables?
is this related with that we set x to a and y to b,and then must we use for showing only those variables?
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 15:38pm View
but why i can't use (not x,y)/for example k,f instead of a and b?i understood that x,y are parametres of another function,so they are used only in their function scope.
but i mean, why i can't use other variable names instead of a and b?
i think,there must be reason for this,but i can't find that reason.
do you know it?If you know,please let me know
Member 12702056 27-Aug-16 14:59pm View
ppolymorphe ,they are declared for set function.
and why can't i use other variables?
is this related with that we set x to a and y to b,and then must we use for showing only those variables?
Member 12702056 25-Aug-16 3:58am View
Thanks :) Finally I got what debugger is :) I also read about it :) Thanks again :)
Member 12702056 24-Aug-16 20:38pm View
Thank you very much :) Very clear explanation :)
Member 12702056 24-Aug-16 20:37pm View
Thanks a lot :) I'll try :). But i want to know that will debugger help to me about finding logical problems?