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Member 12702056 28-Sep-21 3:37am View    
MadCap Flare
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 19:09pm View    
I have tried the second way that u advised me, but idk why, it didn't work :( IDK what i have done wrong
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 17:41pm View    
Thank u so much, i will try it :)
Member 12702056 9-Jul-19 16:37pm View    
Thank u for your advice, i have external css file, but as i use bootstrap, some css files are already ready, not written by me. So i wanna find a way not to change line by line or attribute by attribute
Member 12702056 16-May-19 12:30pm View    
Yeah, thanks so much, it will be helpful enough, Sir :)