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Andre Oosthuizen 26-Feb-22 2:29am View
What problem do you have?
Andre Oosthuizen 26-Feb-22 2:21am View
Not working is not helping us, post the error message so we can see what is undefined.
Andre Oosthuizen 26-Feb-22 2:18am View
It is not your code. Need more information here... Why don't you just disable your textbox so user cannot delete or edit text?
Andre Oosthuizen 26-Feb-22 2:02am View
Only a pleasure
Andre Oosthuizen 25-Feb-22 7:23am View
Please show us your code to establish where your problem lies.
Andre Oosthuizen 25-Feb-22 6:06am View
I just saw I missed the line on Iage, deleted my solution, thank for picking it up.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 16:49pm View
Not much knowledge on BAM, I suggest you chat to Microsoft as they are the gate keepers for these business tool management system.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 16:46pm View
Being a FPP, start playing as a first person first. :)
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 16:35pm View
Your question is very vague, I have changed it to what I think is what you wanted to ask. If not, please change the question by using the "Improve Question" link above.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:45pm View
And (drum roll....) HERE is a perfect search almost word for word.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:36pm View
5 Kudos for stating the obvious search result. I soooo wish people put some effort into their question asking! Thanks Maciej
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:34pm View
What I have tried: --- not much apart from copying and pasting an assignment question.
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:31pm View
5 Stars for Griff for doing the effort of posting subtly to someone that we do NOT do homework here. :)
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:16pm View
Luckily we can not read minds here otherwise we would have had a dull communicating species on hand! No code, no explanation, even stackoverflow stopped helping you...

if I read your mind correctly, which I doubt!!!! see THIS
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:09pm View
Show us what you tried and did not work???
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 15:05pm View
No code to help us make any sense out of your question!!

No details given...

Good luck!!
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 14:49pm View
Do you have any row id's to relate to i.e. xl file column 1 has id, now compare to date from table - if same id, then checked 1?
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Feb-22 14:43pm View
Nope - as per your code --- child: CurvedNavigationBar( then follows the color code...
Andre Oosthuizen 22-Feb-22 3:25am View
I don't know Teradata and it's limitations at all but is there a way you can limit the column names and not allow (*) SELECT ALL maybe?
Andre Oosthuizen 22-Feb-22 3:07am View
We are not here to do work for you, you can hire a coder for a fee to do that. Show us what you have created or tried and where the errors are and we will gladly assist!
Andre Oosthuizen 22-Feb-22 3:00am View
Yes, once you ave added a new record, you then need to refresh or re-load your datagrid.
Andre Oosthuizen 22-Feb-22 2:57am View
Only a pleasure
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 5:51am View
Yes, after the update
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 4:39am View
As per below comments, run VS as administrator OR set it to run as admin every time you start it.
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 4:14am View
Search for "voice synthesizer"
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 3:46am View
That is why Google is your friend...
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 3:44am View
Maybe this will help - Link files in correct dirctories
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Feb-22 3:43am View
Maybe this will help -
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 13:27pm View
Oh my... was meant for the new poster, did not look, my bad.
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 13:26pm View
I will then suggest that you use a select statement, if you use exit sub it will do exactly that, it will exit the sub and any other code within. Using a select statement will then check if dll exist, if so cool. You can then have other code after the select in the same sub which will then be executed.
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 12:18pm View
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 10:57am View
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 10:27am View
Your question is confusing - do you want to send an email? If so, depends on what platform you are sending i.e. outlook or gmail(both differ and have separate rules and code), calculate all items and total items + price? If so, use a counter to do the calculations on every click from user and you will have the totals at the end.
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Feb-22 10:14am View
You should also consider saving the image to your server files and only save the location path in your database to avoid speed issues.
More info
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-22 12:51pm View
Only a pleasure, yes you can, see the link provided.
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-22 4:44am View
I don't see a problem with your code in both pages (apart from Richards account, you are vulnerable and there are easier ways i.e classes etc.) I think the problem is with your input element or any code around the element which is not shown here.
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-22 4:37am View
In your return block you have "hideIndicator", throughout you have "hide_Indicator".
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-22 4:27am View
From what I could gather, you are calling handler "ProjectSubmit" which I think should be "ProjectData" as that contains the info you require to display.
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Feb-22 3:57am View
As Richard pointed out, line 12 (what we see, not your IDE) is a comment "# sprint1.title("Sprint")"??
Andre Oosthuizen 29-Apr-21 12:48pm View
This should point you in the right direction -
Andre Oosthuizen 27-Mar-21 6:39am View
Not sure what happened -
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 11:03am View
Thank you Bill!
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:51am View
Sounds like homework to me...
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:43am View
By using json/jqueries referencing a php page on your server - json will get and post data accordingly.
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:40am View
Your if statement is in the wrong place which is why it does not run.

Your first part where the SELECT statement is, is the part that runs else it checks if the image is jpeg etc., in the same else block you check for an error...
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:35am View
Use the DISTINCT operator
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:34am View
You need to be more specific as we cannot see what you see, what is a clipboard icon for instance, which tables to copy and paste to where etc.
Andre Oosthuizen 18-Mar-21 10:31am View
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Jul-20 4:57am View
ok, which variable is not defined?
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Jul-20 4:50am View
show your html code for the button elements
Andre Oosthuizen 21-Jul-20 4:44am View
Which variable is not defined? Show us your html code to see what you are posting.
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jul-20 9:58am View
You are (as always) totally correct, I do apologise for being half blind, must be the age...
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jul-20 9:40am View
gender seems to be the problem, where is this variable declared?
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jul-20 9:36am View
The OP is using VB6, above code will not work. Not sure why people still insist in using such old dinosaurs. SQL Injection was still something someone thought about at the time and was not in implementation as yet. :)
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jul-20 9:11am View
You need to clarify your question as the header says all data shows in one line(not sure what this means) and then at the end you say it does not show data, very confusing.

You can edit your question by selecting the "Improve question" link when you hover over your post.
Andre Oosthuizen 15-Jul-20 8:27am View
Show your posting form code as well where the values is entered. Your element id's and names does not correspond with what is posted hence the undefined error.
Andre Oosthuizen 15-Jul-20 5:27am View
Oh my gosh, I never saw the date of the post, just the time stamp on the last post as it popped up at the top under unanswered questions, my bad. Thank you very much for the positive return, I should have checked tsk tsk!
Andre Oosthuizen 15-Jul-20 3:33am View
Not sure if this will help, forced reload seems to remember the page position, maybe you can use this to show the correct slide image as well - Refresh Page and Keep Scroll Position
Andre Oosthuizen 15-Jul-20 2:31am View
Very well said and explained!
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 11:27am View
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 11:18am View
It all depends on what database you are using, sql, mysql etc... Many examples HERE ON CODEPROJECT
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 11:13am View
I would suggest that you learn the basics as I am giving you a solution but it does not seem that you understand the code itself.
1)Incorrect, each form has its own name i.e. page1, page2 etc as per the code that formed part of the while loop. Right click and inspect each element...
2) If you only want one element created, you remove the loop -
function createpage() {var pagenum = 1;//If you want to name the page with the new page numbervar lastChildID = document.getElementById("loadiframehere");use the div's id to get all iframe elements...var moniframe = document.createElement("IFRAME");moniframe.setAttribute("src","http://localhost:7007/page" + lastChildID + "/");moniframe.setAttribute("width","150");moniframe.setAttribute("height","150");moniframe.setAttribute("height","150");moniframe.setAttribute("background-color","red");document.getElementById("loadiframehere").appendChild(moniframe);//alert(pagenum);}

The above code will work if you try and understand it first, don't just copy and paste. If it does not work 100%, play around with the code and get a solution.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 9:43am View
I am busy updating my solution.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 9:41am View
I see you marked your answer as solved, then you asked a question, please un-mark the solved by using the "Improve Solution" tab, thanks.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 8:58am View
I would suggest to maybe seek an answer from Stimulsoft support or their documentation.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 8:57am View
:) yes. You have asked how much is 1 + 1, answer was given that it is 2. You now want to ask how much is 3 + 1, entire new question.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 8:20am View
Only a pleasure, please post another question with your request with details.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 7:09am View
Agree 100%, 5 kudo's, Mini will be nice enough project though if you have nothing to do. :)
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 7:06am View
Please see updated answer and link to fiddle.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 4:07am View
It then means that a js file might not be referenced, some code or attribute is missing, from the code you supplied it is almost impossible to see where the fault can be found. I would suggest you read the bootstrap documentation and go through the list to see that you have covered all of the bases - Bootstrapper-DatePicker
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 3:51am View
Please show us some of that several codes, what have you tried, what result did you get, was there an error, if so what error and where, what is the result you are looking for.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 3:48am View
Are you using other css with this element? Somewhere you have a line that sets it to not visible, meaning that we then need more code. For testing try the same code, just add important -

style = "width:60%; visibility: visible !important;" to see if this helps.
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 3:41am View
What is the problem code to shot = {if shot? (you might die from it) else (Wow, I survived!)}
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 3:35am View
No question here... Checking fiddle, all works as suppose to work, so no errors? NEVER use inline java in your elements for security reasons...
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 2:57am View
Which line is giving the error, what variable shows as undefined?
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 2:55am View
Not much information given but why not try a progressbar, load all data then render the page fully?
Andre Oosthuizen 14-Jul-20 2:47am View
You can have a look here for multiple combobox examples in Codeproject - VB>Net Combobox
Andre Oosthuizen 11-Jul-20 5:32am View
Andre Oosthuizen 11-Jul-20 5:26am View
Your code is very confusing, php tagged but no php code shown, javascript has no script tags, cancas should be canvas, need more code to try and see what you are trying to achieve.
Andre Oosthuizen 10-Jul-20 1:34am View
This looks like homework, you then post a copied-paste example from another site without reading and learning what arrays are all about and then ask us to write the function for you, sorry, ain't happening.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 23:31pm View
Code written already will help us a lot. Quick search also helps -
How to add current date and time on this button click on windows form
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 22:14pm View
Only a pleasure, happy coding.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 7:20am View
Your question was about combobox, so what do you require, datagrid or combobox -
I want combobox1 to be filled with all unique stations. An sql solution would be the best way but I can't understand how to make this query. column0 has
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 6:22am View
Pleasure and no problem at all, why I gave you 3 tutorial links to follow which will help you sharpen your teeth.

If it helps, you know what to do, thanks.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:45am View
Click the green "Improve question" link and update your question to include some code and what you need as an output. Your question is very vague and we can not possible understand what it is you require.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:43am View
Click the green "Improve question" link and update your question to include some code. Also show us the outputs rather than giving us a link to an unknown source to view your outputs, thanks.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:40am View
You can just edit your question by clicking the green "Improve question" link and update your question to include the code, please make sure to put your code in code blocks, thanks.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:28am View
Please show some code to better understand your question.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jul-20 3:24am View
THIS might help if not seen yet.
Andre Oosthuizen 8-Jul-20 5:35am View
:) Thanks!
Andre Oosthuizen 8-Jul-20 0:45am View
See THIS here at Codeproject.
Andre Oosthuizen 7-Jul-20 9:29am View
@David, with info given this was closest I could get to help, I did miss the width though, thank you for pointing out.

@OP, it was a pleasure.
Andre Oosthuizen 7-Jul-20 3:25am View
THIS might help...
Andre Oosthuizen 7-Jul-20 3:12am View
I have been tasked to build a supercar, I have a hammer and a screwdriver, please help to build the car... tsk :)
Andre Oosthuizen 6-Jul-20 4:34am View
The first lines of error tells you where the problem is - the file could not be found on your G drive with the path specified, either give the correct path or make sure the file resides in - ///G:\MyBrand1\BrandHouse\packages\EntityFramework.6.4.4\tools\EntityFramework.PowerShell.Utility.dll
Andre Oosthuizen 6-Jul-20 4:28am View
Also try to change your port to 8080, normally the culprit.
Andre Oosthuizen 6-Jul-20 4:26am View
Not sure what you are trying to do here? Do you want to create a link to load your register page?
Andre Oosthuizen 3-Jul-20 7:54am View
Sounds like dll files missing after the format, re-install your app again and make sure all files is included and registered.
Andre Oosthuizen 3-Jul-20 7:51am View
Only a pleasure, happy coding!
Andre Oosthuizen 3-Jul-20 6:05am View
Your $arr1 and $arr2 is the problem as $Zip will never be equal to your set range for $arr, it thus exits the if block code where the send mail part is, not sending it at all. Try this -

if ($Zip > 999 && $Zip < 1300) {  //Noord Holland...  $mailTo = "";  mail($mailTo, $txt, $Subject, $Zip);}
Andre Oosthuizen 3-Jul-20 5:54am View
Also have a look at this page, might help you out -
Andre Oosthuizen 3-Jul-20 5:38am View
To understand what you need to do, I need a lot more code like where is your variables coming from, what happens before sending mail, during sending mail and after sending mail.

Did you look into PHPMailer as per a previous post of yours?
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 9:34am View
:) Glad you could fix it, hope I was able to help somewhere. Enjoy coding!
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 9:30am View
after $results do a var dump - var_dump($results); and see what is returned. If there is a return, then not server based, if not, problem with your server connection.
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 7:27am View
@F-ES, I was merely showing the ease of trying to do a search first before asking for help :)
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 7:23am View
Looking at the fiddle example, what part is it that you do not understand?
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 5:49am View
Please show some code for us to better understand what you are doing.
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Jul-20 5:43am View
Using google search, which is what you need to do this popped up as the first answer -
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Jul-20 5:15am View
Maybe this will help? -
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Jul-20 5:10am View
Thank you Richard, much appreciated!
As far as the searching goes, I agree 100%, not a common attribute for people with problems it seems (tongue in cheek).
Andre Oosthuizen 29-Jun-20 7:02am View
define('DB_HOST','localhost'); will not work on server
Andre Oosthuizen 24-Jun-20 6:46am View
Your sum will not work as you made komono a string and your keitai is an integer.
Andre Oosthuizen 17-Jun-20 8:47am View
Are you using gmail to send the mail or which one do you use. If gmail it will not forward based on your code.
Andre Oosthuizen 17-Jun-20 7:31am View
Mmmm, seems you want us to write an entire css block for you, what Richard above asked is that you add your current css code where the lightbox is inside your image tag so we can make sense of it all to help you correct your code.
Andre Oosthuizen 17-Jun-20 7:29am View
No question asked?
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 10:22am View
Is userID your table name?, looks like a field name
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 9:04am View
correct, see the link, it loops through i to get all data, this was an example only to point you in the right direction
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 8:48am View
See my edit above with some samples. you need to play with this to make it work for your application. Also see this site for a good example -
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 8:36am View
You are correct to build an array to fill each column. Question is, where does the dates come from so I can establish what dates to use? What is your start date, what is your end date for each column?

See my edit above for an example on how to calculate the difference between 2 dates.
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 8:12am View
Ok, so where is the dates coming from? You need to do a calculation on the start date and the end date to calculate the days OR do you want to calculate the days past to this date shown, if so from what date then?
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 7:52am View
If you say you want to show the days of year in header, do you mean you want to change MONDAY, TUESDAY or do you want to change the "01.01.2020" part?
Andre Oosthuizen 16-Jun-20 7:49am View
Can you please share your codepen with us for better understanding, thanks.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jun-20 22:15pm View
Great. add code - var_dump($bulk_options); after this line - $bulk_options = $_POST['bulk_options']; and let me know what was returned. For your delete to work, it should be 'Ištrinti'
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jun-20 8:00am View
Show us your code in darb.php as well, you are calling the page but it seems that nothing happens (no deletion) in your php page, code seems to be wrong tehre as this is where the deletion will occur.
Andre Oosthuizen 9-Jun-20 7:46am View
Is your imagecreatefrompng function in the same php page or in another class page? Is the image in the same path as your project root folder? The error is based on a call to the function but your current page has no idea where the function is located.
Andre Oosthuizen 26-May-20 9:30am View