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EM_Y 20-Sep-19 5:09am View    
Hi Richard I'm using here the entity framework query not oledb connection . I don't need the parameterized query .
EM_Y 20-Sep-19 4:58am View    
Thank you Richard

this code added make the difference . ^^

 if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(path) && File.Exists(path))
    { }
EM_Y 19-Sep-19 4:08am View    
Sorry but I didn't mention that my code debug perfectly even with this error , the objective of the code I set in my constructor is to fill my combobox with my file text lines , and it works ! that means that my path config is correct .

the problem is may be the data context needs specific format to define my view model when I use the app config reader in my constructor !!
EM_Y 13-Sep-19 6:14am View    
I did succeed converting my MySQL table to excel using MySQL connection /command !
My question is to do the same operation using entity framework model query .

table_Entity result = new table_Entity();
var  EntityQuery=from t in DB.Table1 where >= d1 && <=  d2  select t;

EM_Y 12-Sep-19 9:17am View    
YEs its related with the app.config ,cause when I replace the configAPPsetting with a simple string path , the error disappear .
foreach (string line in File.ReadAllLines("D:\\All Documents\\Famille.txt"))

Thank you Jim I'll try to figure out and poste the solution .