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Amith 12807185 29-Jan-17 23:55pm View    
Hi CHill60, thanks for the answer
Amith 12807185 10-Jan-17 5:23am View    
F-ES Sitecore, thanks for the insight, it worked. Thing is it's not development so I need to configure my code as you suggested.
Amith 12807185 10-Jan-17 2:54am View    
Thank You so much Bryian, it worked!!!
Amith 12807185 9-Jan-17 7:45am View    
ok F-ES Sitecore, I'll try with the smtp4dev and share my findings.
Amith 12807185 9-Jan-17 3:10am View    
Hi Michael,
I tried telnet 25
connection failed. I think it is not getting connected.