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cesar.iriso 16-Nov-18 7:37am View    
Thanks Gerry
Unity? IoC,Dependency Injection ???
Explain please.
cesar.iriso 15-Sep-18 8:47am View    
Thank you for the answer. This is a small project that I am preparing to try learn. I have uploaded it to OneDrive in this link :!AlLQbFaWZ-ZTfjgp84azdbWq2J0
Basically has two projects, one with a DAL with several targets and the other has a menu that allows you to change DAL hot.
The specific view is a dialog to add elements.
cesar.iriso 12-Sep-18 8:08am View    
Solved. The Mediator pattern works perfectly.
Thank you all.
cesar.iriso 12-Sep-18 4:23am View    
It seems interesting. I'm going to take a look.
Thank you very much Richard.
cesar.iriso 9-Sep-18 6:51am View    
What I try to do is a test. Within a View I have two UserControls
One has a button and the other has a TextBlock. Each UserControl has its own ViewModel. The button bind with Command and CommandParameter to its ViewModel and the other ViewModel binds the TextBlock to a property in the second ViewModel. In principle the two ViewModel are not linked
The action linked to RelayCommand throws an event that should be picked up by the other ViewModel to modify the property in the second ViewModel, but
although ThrowEvent? .Invoke (this, new CustomEventArgs (msg)); run ,the second ViewModel is not receiving the event.