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Member 12823969 25-Apr-19 9:21am View
I was Implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface. Set DataContext. Call on property changed. and then Usercontrol.Resources but your DataContext and Biniding are also included so, thank you.
Member 12823969 23-May-18 2:21am View
Nothing but for this project client want to be ms access db. I know I know but what to do he already have db and just want a program for that db...
Member 12823969 22-May-18 6:11am View
Yes, I can. If I have 5 users and all users will use access db on there local machines. I want to spilt there access dbs into one shared access db. I this can do with the split button in access db, and thene all local access dbs are linked to the main db in the shared folder on a server. What do I want? I want when installing the program in c# throw installer to linked that local access db with shared access. Like to ask user where is store db or something like that.