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Amr Mohammad Rashad 20-Mar-19 12:02pm View    
Thanks a lot for your consideration. I will read it and I hope I find an answers to my questions :)
Amr Mohammad Rashad 18-Mar-19 7:15am View    
I was thinking of creating the solution in that way I begin to find all the diseases that have the given symptoms then I begin to pick up only those diseases having the given symptoms in common then start to choose the closest disease based on the percentage of symptoms given to the percentage of symptoms in the disease, for example, given 3 symptoms that are common within 4 diseases if each of the diseases having only those 3 then it has 100% match etc. Otherwise, I begin to choose the diseases with the highest percentage, on the other hand, if either all the percentage results <= 50% or one of the symptoms have no disease matched I will return a negative response.

It that considered a sort of expert system or that considered an illusion :)?!
Amr Mohammad Rashad 14-Mar-19 10:43am View    
I used to use Prolog few years ago, almost 2011, was my last time I used to Prolog. The problem is that I had to create the system using PHP because we are using PHP Laravel and I do not know if there is any mean to connect Prolog to PHP Laravel, in such case, I may program against Prolog and pass the results to the Laravel...
Amr Mohammad Rashad 14-Mar-19 8:10am View    
Swear a God, I am trying, however, I need some help because it is a completely new topic for me and I am very confused... I am seeking for thing such as a specific type of tree data structure to study, how such system is working, for sure it is not a lengthy if... else... chains. Even if it like that how rules are being represented?! etc. And after all, I am very grateful for any sort of help...
Amr Mohammad Rashad 14-Mar-19 7:43am View    
I got the reason why it was not working properly. However, I need to ask you a question why almost of time when I ask a question I got answers like the one you gave to me! if we did not paste the code we got blamed/asked as askers! if we did not paste the code we got blamed/asked for not pasting the code.

I hope you know that if I know the answer I won't ask and when pasting my code I did it so if someone sees a defect in it or he may tell me to check something as the pasted code has not defects. In addition, when I figured out the answer I will put it so those who have similar issue may got benefit from my solution.