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Comments by ThilinaMD (Top 62 by date)

ThilinaMD 6-Jun-18 9:48am View    
Have you linked jquery.js file?
ThilinaMD 15-May-18 12:49pm View    
welcome and happy coding!!!.
ThilinaMD 14-May-18 12:38pm View    
so it says your mysql connection do not use a password. try providing null(empty) password from connection parametres. Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection ("jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dblabor","root","");
ThilinaMD 11-May-18 23:27pm View    
try changing to localhost. or i think you have entered incorrect port number (3006) instead of 3306 which assigned by default when mysql installs.(if you haven't changed it.)
ThilinaMD 10-Apr-18 7:58am View    
It will be usefull if you learn basic curd in php through any online tutorial like tutorialspoint