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Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 13:17pm View
Thanks a lot Richard, i will give it a try tomorrow and update you on the same
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 12:49pm View
And because of some limitations I cannot add a new dll in the media. So c# dll option is also not helpful.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 12:47pm View
If possible, can you please convert it and give. Thanks
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 12:46pm View
Thanks but iam unable to convert that code properly to vb.Net. I am getting many errors. Some i fixed and many more iam unable to fix.. So that c# code was not helpful.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 8:54am View
Please someone post some code snippet to help me.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 8:53am View
I need the solution for dotnet 2.0 framework + someone help here please.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 6-Feb-19 8:50am View
Please can someone help with some code snippet. Please
Dinesh Kumar Dora 31-Jan-19 7:01am View
Thanks for the response. As mentioned earlier, i already tried dotnet direct approach to read registry but there are certain areas in this legacy code where i cant use the dotnet approach directly. Is there a way where i can handle the existing objShell.ReadRegistry in a better way. I am currently thinking of catching the and use on error resume next in a controlled way. As its just about registry reading, nothing much, so i think i can skip certain errors in specific locations.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 4-Oct-18 1:24am View
thanks for your response John. But the problem here is that we are talking about installer exe, where the executable name (_is56.exe) will be changing everytime the build is taken. So i cant keep a static executable name for process checking. I agree with your PID justification too. Process name i cant use as that will show up as "Setup" or "Setup64" which is way too generic and chances are there that another setup might be running on the host machine. So, process name is also apt. Now the only option left is Process description - which in our case is unique and it will never be changed as we have developed it. So any ideas or workaround to detect a process is running or not, based on the process description? Thanks
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Aug-18 2:22am View
Hi Dave thanks for the response. This is corporate confidential code so obviously i cant publish all the logic or details. Why this variable is used? why list is used? what is mainobject? etc.. But wrt to the question whatever is relevant information, i have provided. And yes, i missed that closing curly braces while formatting the code snippet.

Anyways, i have decided to condition the logic based on the number of arguments passed. This is not exactly what i was looking for, but atleast it works. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 9-Aug-18 5:44am View
Eric, i tried your method but getting the output like this:
<security mode="Transport" proxyCredential="None" realm="">
<transport clientCredentialType="Windows" />

I want it in this way:
<security mode="Transport">
<transport clientCredentialType="Windows" proxyCredentialType="None" realm="" />
<message clientCredentialType="UserName" algorithmSuite="Default" />

Please help. how can i get this.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 9-Aug-18 1:54am View
Super Thanks Eric.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Mar-17 5:32am View
Sorry my bad. The application was trying to fetch the data from some other machine as the Web.config file not updated w.r.t the new connection string.
Stupid mistakes Ruins Life :D

Thanks for all your help. And also to suggest me to use Convert.ToString.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Mar-17 5:06am View
The query works in sql studio
What should i do now?
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Mar-17 2:25am View
No change in behavior
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Mar-17 2:20am View
The strangest part is.. The database has many values. This code is always sending null for all the values present in the DB, Except for one particular value. If i send the ID of this particular value, i always get the exact corresponding value of this particular ID. But the same does'nt work for other values. All the values are in text format and i do'nt see any format issues which can create this situation.
Dinesh Kumar Dora 23-Mar-17 2:16am View
Hello Karthik,

Thanks for the response. As suggested by you, i tried Convert.ToString. Now instead of null, its sending "". But rest assured, in the database, value is present. why its not returning the value.