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four systems 15-Sep-21 12:17pm View
thanks but the question is that when one rectangle moves and reaches somewhere the other
rectangle should move
four systems 10-Sep-21 23:24pm View
that is the code The thought being get objectdotycoordinate and change it
four systems 10-Sep-21 12:23pm View
y is y co ordinate so when function is called what which is dom element should go where y is 40

earlier thought what.y=40;

but then changed what.y+=40;
four systems 10-Sep-21 9:13am View
thanks the question now the same code works
four systems 30-Aug-21 9:52am View
that works now changed variable scope

four systems 30-Aug-21 9:32am View
thanks that works now; variable scopes thats what it was
four systems 24-Aug-21 9:26am View
the function is why; its raining here
four systems 24-Aug-21 8:36am View

another with vanilla js should display message with mouse co ordinates
four systems 23-Aug-21 8:33am View
if ( correctCards == 6 )
$('#successMessage').animate( {
left: '380px',
top: '200px',
width: '400px',
height: '100px',
opacity: 1
} );

is the function which should do that
four systems 23-Aug-21 7:59am View

changed the code with another function but the alert doesn't appears

you could look at code with the link provided
four systems 7-Aug-21 4:46am View
four systems 7-Aug-21 2:11am View
Changed the function; Now there is a function that moves the cards; How is it possible display message if the order is correct
four systems 22-Jun-21 11:39am View
that sounds good
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:44pm View
changed the code that works now but did not earlier ; would keep posted
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:42pm View
changed the code that works now but did not earlier its beyond human comprehension why javascript is not consistent
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:40pm View
code changed ; that is the code that worked yesterday but did not today ; that works now but trust me guys there is something out there which doesn't let the code work; any ideas what that is

thanks for replies
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:32pm View
forFunction() is not defined when wow button is clicked
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:19pm View
have posted the code
four systems 19-Feb-21 12:12pm View
you know what that is the question; what was working yesterday is not today could post some code
four systems 12-Nov-19 7:53am View
thancs; the code should display images but it does not thats the question
four systems 28-Sep-19 11:47am View
is it possible to do it with Javascript
four systems 16-Sep-19 4:59am View
four systems 29-Aug-19 10:01am View
four systems 29-Aug-19 9:47am View
though there is a mathematical formula for that permutation and combinations sequence and series or factorials thats what the search was for thancs
four systems 29-Aug-19 9:45am View
thancs do that a lot but need more flying hours
four systems 29-Aug-19 9:44am View
that sounds good would try that
four systems 29-Aug-19 9:44am View
four systems 28-Aug-19 11:51am View
improved the question
four systems 25-Aug-19 8:20am View
four systems 25-Aug-19 5:02am View
its been so long at the same question thought would try something different
four systems 24-Aug-19 11:14am View
thats a difficult question isn't it
four systems 18-Aug-19 11:14am View
windows cool would try that thancs
four systems 17-Aug-19 12:51pm View
four systems 14-Aug-19 12:31pm View
well the code writes to file but doesn't writes answer at different position did not post thecode causeitmay require a different approach than what has been coded

if you want could post the code but as said it reads from file and writes to another file but the answers are not being written at different positions

could use advanced mathematics permutations and combinations sequence and series or factorials

thanks for the detailed insight
four systems 22-Jun-19 10:15am View
four systems 22-Jun-19 10:14am View
four systems 21-Jun-19 12:37pm View
did you mean change String And = string.replaceAll("\\(.*\\)", ""); for something else
four systems 21-Jun-19 3:25am View
the contents of the file are here, have pasted about thirty lines actual file is much longer it should give you a pretty good idea about what is being done, java reads the file selects the words and write to another file, the words with curly braces are not allowed

the above code does that but only for few selective file and does not iterates throught the whole file

ability (noun) able (adjective) about (preposition) about (adverb) above (adverb) above (preposition) abroad (adverb) absence (noun) absent (adjective) absolute (adjective) abstract abstract (adjective) abuse (verb) abuse (noun) abusive academic (adjective) accept (verb) acceptable (adjective) acceptance access (verb) access (noun)accompany (verb) according+to (preposition) account (verb) account (noun) accountant accurate (adjective)a (indefinite article) abandon (verb) ability (noun) able (adjective) about (preposition) about (adverb) above (adverb) above (preposition) abroad (adverb) absence (noun) absent (adjective) absolute (adjective) abstract abstract (adjective) abuse (verb) abuse (noun) abusive academic (adjective) accept (verb) acceptable (adjective) acceptance access (verb) access (noun) accompany (verb) according+to (preposition) account (verb) account (noun) accountant accurate (adjective)accuse ache (noun) ache achieve (verb) acquire (verb) acquit across (adverb) across (preposition) act (verb) act (noun) action (noun) active activity (noun) actor actress actual (adjective) actually (adverb) adapt (verb) add (verb) addition (noun) additional (adjective) address (noun) address (verb) adequate (adjective) adjourn adjust (verb) administration (noun) admiration admire (verb) admission (noun)admit (verb) adopt (verb) adoption adult (noun) adult (adjective) advance (noun) advance (verb) advantage (noun) adventure (noun) adventurous advertise (verb) advertisement (noun) advice advise (verb) affair (noun) affect (verb) affection affectionate afford (verb) afraid (adjective) after (adverb) after (conjunction) after (preposition) afternoon again (adverb) against (preposition) age (noun) age (verb) agency (noun) agent (noun)aggravation aggressive ago agree (verb) agreement (noun) agriculture ahead (adverb) aid (verb) aid (noun) aim (noun) aim (verb) air air traffic controller airplane (noun) airport (noun) aisle alarm (verb) alarm (noun) alert (noun) alert (adjective) alert (verb) alibi alimony alive (adjective) all (adverb) all (pronoun) all (adjective) all right (adverb) all right (adjective)
four systems 20-Jun-19 8:26am View
four systems 19-Jun-19 12:03pm View
as you replied earlier it is difficult to get javadoc for that so at present the solution is to look at online documentation which is also cool

what it is its a huge notepad file which has words with and without parenthesis(curly brackets) would want words which are outside curly brackets and write another file ; big data analytics project

four systems 19-Jun-19 11:38am View
got that but what about jar for java docs that appears while you code could install javadoc jar and code
four systems 19-Jun-19 11:33am View
but where is the javadoc file for nctbeans integrated development environment which appears on code intellisense cause it is difficult to read from browser various methods and what they are while you code

four systems 22-May-19 8:51am View
thats true was good sw security vulnerability probably now its js css and html
four systems 19-May-19 12:21pm View
four systems 19-May-19 12:18pm View
would worc with html css and javascript thats more relevant; thancs
four systems 7-May-19 11:34am View
four systems 4-May-19 3:17am View
C'est un bonne réponse m beaucoup
four systems 1-May-19 6:43am View
StringUtils is cool Thancs; utilities and frameworks have made the job easier but are they as robust as straight code
four systems 27-Apr-19 8:00am View
cool thats so good thancs
four systems 27-Apr-19 7:58am View
that worcs thancs
four systems 6-Mar-19 12:08pm View
already coded that could read from file would post code later
four systems 6-Mar-19 10:14am View
reading from file is easy writing answer at different position is not that is the specific question
four systems 8-Oct-18 14:06pm View
that was a good suggestion could buy that now and c if it worcs many thancs
four systems 8-Oct-18 13:37pm View
has pci slots
the adapter you mentioned is good
what about power cable it loocs as if the adapter would connect with mb what about coonnector cables

this loocs more suitable but must buy cables power and data
four systems 8-Oct-18 12:50pm View
where could you get refurbished i5 from couldn't find online
four systems 2-Aug-18 13:25pm View
Thancs, what about the code what it does is it takes user nput and then prints from Array Satellite and Word, so if user enters Android the arrays automatically add values
four systems 8-Jun-18 11:52am View[^]
code here shows html and css which was a good suggestion so accepted as solution but the real cuestion was java
method that writes html, the suggestion !did solve the cuery[^]
this pretty much solved it but was not customizable and the contents still moved on button clic[^]
again a good suggestion but not customizable with java code and the contents moved on button clic
After four suggestions the code moves on button clic so it really is a new cuestion and should have a different answer, its not just css it should also worc with java code

four systems 8-Jun-18 11:48am View
the suggested solution is not customizable with java code and the contents move on button clic when java function writes html it writes four dv's which are aligned as per css, is there a way that css goes with html tags and not java so that any radio buttons are aligned straight, tryd dv with html tage but cause the java code writes four times it moves on button clic

four systems 5-Jun-18 7:37am View
how does votes worc, thought should clic on star cause the answer was good
four systems 29-May-18 11:39am View
what about the code changed it still goes towards left on button clic, ty
four systems 28-May-18 13:03pm View
the code should write four straight aligned radio buttons with css
four systems 28-May-18 13:01pm View
Ty, that was good after few changes the buttons are lined up but on button click event the buttons move towards left, changed the code with changes, cause the code uses jcuery !could create data.js. Thought about that but with pure js it was difficult to select radio buttons and print correct answer(could have been ideal solution). Did you meant that data.js would write the values entered as html
four systems 24-May-18 13:09pm View

<title>Computer Science


four systems 20-May-18 11:46am View
how do you pass parameters to functions if you are using netbeans
four systems 20-May-18 11:43am View
yeah understand that now TY
four systems 20-May-18 9:36am View
does that means parametrized methods cant be called from main method
four systems 14-May-18 2:34am View
wow, :)
four systems 13-May-18 12:35pm View
from debugger y is "a" now but "a" is still null should change to ""
four systems 13-May-18 12:27pm View
Y does changes and prints now,:)
four systems 13-May-18 12:22pm View
four systems 11-May-18 12:27pm View
the bit that should change a is what !does change a

if (y==a)
System.out.print("A: ");
a = reader.readLine();
a ="";
four systems 11-May-18 12:07pm View
this code also does not changes variable a's value, a is initially "not" but then when value is entered at prompt y a should change to " " and the sentence should read "You selected a which is the correct answer" , sounds straightforward but then it !is
four systems 11-May-18 11:50am View
cause its a larger code, this is abstract. What i entered at prompts Word is
Android; which !does write to file, what should write to file is the prompt Y which i entered a, now that should write to "" + a + "" but it doesnt change. another way when user enters from console then a changes but cause want it automated thats why did this way, its straightforward variable a from prompt and writes to + a + should write
four systems 9-May-18 7:40am View
four systems 9-May-18 7:39am View
wonderful, another way for file creation
four systems 8-May-18 6:58am View
wow, the esception is gone but the code did not create any files,
four systems 6-May-18 14:25pm View
wow, the files are created thanks
four systems 6-May-18 14:05pm View

public class CreateFiles
public static void main( String[] args ) throws IOException
String[] Names = new String[20];
Names[0] = "Android";
Names[1] = "java";
Names[2] = "computerscience";
Names[3] = "satellite";
Names[4] = "communication";
Names[5] = "navigator";
Names[6] = "science";
Names[7] = "a";
Names[8] = "b";
Names[9] = "c";
Names[10] = "d";
Names[11] = "e";
Names[12] = "f";
Names[13] = "g";
Names[14] = "h";
Names[15] = "i";
Names[16] = "j";
Names[17] = "l";
Names[18] = "m";
Names[19] = "n";

for(int j = 0; j<Names.length; j++)
File file = new File("F:\\" + Names[j] + ".txt");
catch(Exception e)
"the program runs but no files are created and there is no esception"
four systems 6-May-18 11:42am View
File file = new File("F:\\" + j + ".txt"); is this is what you suggest, did that still does not create files, however found another way with

public class ForFilesWriter

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
BufferedWriter writer = null;
for(int i=1 ; i<=5 ; i++){
String fileName = "name" + i + ".txt";
PrintWriter printer = new PrintWriter(fileName, "UTF-8");
writer.write("Java is object oriented");

now would want to create files with names as the array has

public class ForFilesWriter

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
BufferedWriter writer = null;
String[] Names = new String[5];
Names[0] = "Android";
Names[1] = "java";
Names[2] = "computerscience";
Names[3] = "satellite";
Names[4] = "communication";
for(int i=1 ; i<=Names.length ; i++){
String fileName = "name" + i + ".html";
PrintWriter printer = new PrintWriter(fileName, "UTF-8");
printer.write("Java is object oriented");
writer.write("Java is object oriented");
four systems 5-May-18 7:20am View
four systems 4-May-18 13:55pm View
how do you read numbers from line which has text and numbers say for instance the line is "45 java virtual machine is for class files" read and print 45, do we must use regular espressions and do pattern search

four systems 4-May-18 11:57am View
would have to do it another way
four systems 1-May-18 6:32am View
ys that works now, but i wanted to install glassfish server and it wouldn't install cause of the access levels, thanks
four systems 30-Apr-18 6:12am View
four systems 21-Apr-18 11:45am View
when the project is run the above mentioned error occurs, its a website which should run on the browser but above mentioned error occurs, is it something to do with glassfish server tried reinstalling that still the same error, thanks. Reinstalled glassfish and ran from command prompt still doesn't starts
four systems 16-Apr-18 12:27pm View
thanks, there is a similar table with two columns and the file has record
académique ; academic , which is added fine however this particular case
some records were added earlier but this particular line did not add'

the table has four columns

four systems 12-Mar-18 9:34am View
four systems 10-Mar-18 3:36am View
probably something to do with file path which changed several times
four systems 10-Mar-18 3:33am View
error is the same again
four systems 6-Mar-18 9:39am View
four systems 6-Mar-18 6:47am View
thanks, another thing is it possible to add []filenames from datasource say another file which has lot more names say for instance forty names
four systems 26-Feb-18 4:45am View
what it does is checks for each number but as it what the requirement is that check any numbers and put word there, thanks
four systems 23-Feb-18 11:09am View
file has the string "java 1 2 3 android" the java program say for instance buffered reader reads that from file and then re writes it to that file "java android"
four systems 23-Feb-18 10:28am View
the result is

numbers found at index 5
numbers found at index 7
numbers found at index 8
numbers found at index 11
numbers found at index 12
four systems 23-Feb-18 10:00am View
cool guys thank you very much
four systems 5-Feb-18 4:37am View
four systems 4-Feb-18 7:43am View
four systems 2-Feb-18 4:44am View
how do you add modified code if not as solution
four systems 1-Feb-18 10:24am View
four systems 1-Feb-18 9:23am View
thank you very much
four systems 1-Feb-18 5:23am View
four systems 1-Feb-18 3:20am View
thanks, is it possible to add records from csv file to database cause there are lots of records
four systems 30-Jan-18 3:26am View
four systems 29-Jan-18 10:03am View
is there a way where records could read from csv file and insert in db
four systems 29-Jan-18 10:02am View
four systems 29-Jan-18 10:02am View
cool now works with prepared statements
four systems 29-Jan-18 9:56am View
four systems 17-Jan-18 7:32am View
four systems 6-Jan-18 9:28am View
cool but where would you view the value of selected input types wouldn't you need a form handler
four systems 6-Jan-18 3:49am View
would there be a need for form handler cause what would handle the form would it be server side code like in java or cgi or could use html storage
four systems 5-Jan-18 4:57am View
four systems 3-Jan-18 8:57am View
cool thanks
four systems 3-Jan-18 8:47am View
was js code error works fine now thanks guys
four systems 3-Jan-18 8:02am View
<title>Javascript Counts

function vals()
var radios = document.getElementsByName("rbnNumber");
for (var i = 0; i &lt; radios.length; i++) {
var r = radios[i];
if (r.value == "4" && r.checked) {
document.write("You selected Tasmania")

What is the Capital of France

four systems 1-Jan-18 3:51am View
changed right to left and left: '-=250px' works now thanks
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:46am View
yes that is the question that right doesnt works but it does works once when the document is loaded
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:40am View
is your browser javascript enabled cause it works on chrome and mozilla
four systems 1-Jan-18 3:34am View
left and right is controlled by left: '+=250px' and right: '+=250px' attributes it does moves in either direction but towatds left just once and then towards right
four systems 31-Dec-17 4:24am View
four systems 28-Dec-17 9:21am View
thanks could think on those lines
four systems 27-Dec-17 5:55am View
that was so good it works now thanks
four systems 27-Dec-17 2:00am View

four systems 27-Dec-17 1:57am View
changed the servlet name and also added package Javas which has the java file still the error is 404

four systems 2-Oct-17 5:22am View
y have another internet connection bought new connection for speed and more data but doesn't works shows internet connected but no packets are being received works fine on other machines and smartphones
four systems 20-Feb-17 7:38am View
cool, works fine now changed the co ordinates as
x = (int) (155 + Math.cos(angle) * radius);
y = (int) (45 + Math.sin(angle) * radius);