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Maxim Kartavenkov 1-Dec-23 6:34am View    
I had checked your code with virtual and non-virtual your Write method declaration and it works the same way to me, but I didn't setup pragma managed or unmanaged as I just put your code into existing project and check. The issue I found that on some varargs types it provides the wrong memory address from va_start. After just found that MS specify that they not support varargs on clr. So the issue appear on the place whre the code executed on managed space - managed type specified - address invalid. You can test that in next way: set breakpoint after va_start then switch into memory view, specify variable "args" and select view type based on type you provide on input.
Maxim Kartavenkov 30-Nov-23 4:32am View    
Maxim Kartavenkov 18-Nov-23 2:32am View    
You may have project configuration type which does not have linker settings: makefile, utility, cmake, or the custom one. Make sure that you have Application(.exe) or Dynamic Library (.dll) to do that open project properties on General tab at the left list on right view find Configuration Type - to have linked settings you can change the value in the combo to Application(.exe) or Dynamic Library (.dll) once you click Apply the linker settings appear on the left list. NOTE: You must have at least one file for compillation in the project files: ".c" or ".cpp".
Maxim Kartavenkov 9-Nov-23 5:16am View    
Maxim Kartavenkov 9-Nov-23 5:13am View    
Compiled correctly on MSVC