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Member 13026296 28-Feb-17 6:03am View
I know thanks for trying though and no their forum is up and running I know that. What I meant is that I posted an unrelated question to the dedicated forum and never got a reply. That was a couple months ago...and I didnt mean to imply that the book was worthless or that the examples didnt work. My issue is when I did the exercise something must have happened that book didnt expect or coult account for.... like ive said several times this is the first time I have seen this error...

non the less Im assuming ill just have to start over because I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong

I dont mean to continue kicking a dead horse just wanted to respond to this last post. thanks anyways guys
Member 13026296 28-Feb-17 5:22am View
See thats where my frustration is I havent jumped ahead last week when I did the last exercise it ran as expected and displayed the same output the book indicated it should look like. I come back this week and the last exercise I did was to add three blank web from with master page pages. literally I didnt add any code,the book said add these three pages with these names and then run the application. so from the last time my application ran to now the only difference is the addition on 3 web form with master pages with the code left as how visual studio creates it and now im getting this error and non of the pages will render in chrome I just keep getting the sql error
which is so frustrating because I cant move on because the application wont even run now I just get sql error.
However I dont think I can provide any more detail so Im kind of at an in-pass.
Member 13026296 28-Feb-17 4:58am View
I tried to include as much detail as I could. At this point in the book I havent done anything with sql. Databases as a subject are still a few chapters ahead of where I am. I have MySQL installed on my computer but thats because I was trying to learn some SQL before I even bought my current book I have the MySQL Command Line client and the MySQL Workbench installed I assume they came as one download when I open the command line client Im met with the usual enter your password, however I dont remember making a password I just always left it blank; Now when I do that it just closes.

As far as the Application is concerned from my above question I started with a basic MVC with web forms set up and at this point in the book Ive only added a Master Page and then acouple Web Form with master pages and a couple web forms and some accompanying C# code behind. The beginning of the book is more introducing you to html... Specific to the error I mentioned above I havent even opened that page until I got the error and tried to find it. The aforementioned page should be exactly as it was when visual studio created the original template.

Obviously this is a sql problem I did get that much but my problem is I dont know how to ensure that my local server is still legit. So do I need to uninstall sql and reinstall it?

I know in the world of computers as much detail as possible is key but like I said at this point point in the book I havent done anything with databases and the book hasnt even mentioned MySQL at my current point. Thank you for your patience and any help troubleshooting my problem.