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ArvindSai 6-Jun-17 13:28pm View    
yes, thanks for your solution it worked. but, I never faced this type of bug i have never mentioned in this way but still i used to get result as expected except for this time, can you give me a small brief for it if possible.
ArvindSai 5-Mar-17 1:48am View    
thank you,
but one last thing.
say that I have entered a character,as it is invalid it prints "Invalid entry" then again starts the execution from beginning (without incrementing the value of j of course)of the loop by printing " Enter the number of elements you want to enter (MAX VALUE 100) : ", then after why it is not pausing the execution for the user's input as the next instruction is scanf_s?
ArvindSai 4-Mar-17 10:15am View    
That should work:laugh:
ArvindSai 4-Mar-17 10:11am View    
Well thank you, but my laptop keyboard doesn't have the numpad, just the numbers keys above the alphabets i tried using that but it didn't work, how can I do it without using Numpad
ArvindSai 4-Mar-17 9:54am View    
I don't find any key on my keyboard that prints the symbol theta, besides I found myself that ASCII 233 will hold the symbol for theta, How did you enter it through keyboard.