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Comments by David Knechtges (Top 13 by date)

David Knechtges 27-Jan-16 9:26am View     CRLF
Bill, thanks I ended up using under the sections avoid unnecessary marshalling and offloading to another thread.
David Knechtges 15-Jun-15 15:16pm View    
No I set it to something like "/images/resize/test.png" where the images folder is a subfolder of the directory it is running from.
David Knechtges 15-Jun-15 11:46am View     CRLF
Yeah, that is a good idea. Unfortunately, I have the clients update themselves every 1.5 seconds, so I can't look at it in the browser's tools before the update happens. Perhaps there is a way in Chrome or IE to make the page stop updating itself through the page's timer? Thanks.
David Knechtges 3-Apr-14 9:58am View    
I ended up doing exactly what you suggested before I saw your response.
David Knechtges 21-Mar-14 9:32am View     CRLF
Dave, that isn't entirely true. We have an ASP.NET application that does get the MAC address of a browser client on the same network as the server. However, as you say, you can't get it directly. The way to do it is to get the IP address of the client, then look up the MAC address in the ARP cache on the server.