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Jawanaut 7-Apr-17 13:48pm View    
Thank you for the reply. That was very informative. Unfortuantely it left me face with a new problem. When trying to create the constraints for the relations, the field will not submit to the database. Instead I get an error with the constraints.

I feel I may have set it up wrong. That link gave examples differently. It looks more like EER diagram than SQL. Either way, I'm not using either. I'm using phpAdmin's 'Foreign key constraint (INNODB)'.

Each table has an ID. Since two can be in the one but not related to each other, I made a column in both repData and contactData called companyID and made it relational to companyID in companyData table.

Now, just wondering if I'm doing it backwards... or completely wrong? I do really appreciate everything you (and everyone) have offered me so far.
Jawanaut 5-Apr-17 11:49am View    
AWESOME!!! You rock! It works and my month + of struggle is over. Thanks for the help!
Jawanaut 5-Apr-17 11:17am View    
That does make sense about showing the row contents within the loop. Not sure why I didn't think of that. However, I'm still pulling my 'else' statement (Sorry that ID...) when running the query. This is weird, mostly cause there is only one ID in the database (as of now).