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Member 13132705 16-Nov-19 17:50pm View
this is not working
Member 13132705 16-Nov-19 17:07pm View
private void dataGridView1_CellClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
if (e.RowIndex >= 0)
//gets a collection that contains all the rows
DataGridViewRow row = this.dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex];
//populate the textbox from specific value of the coordinates of column and row.
textBox5.Text = row.Cells[0].Value.ToString();
textBox6.Text = row.Cells[1].Value.ToString();
textBox7.Text = row.Cells[2].Value.ToString();
textBox8.Text = row.Cells[3].Value.ToString();
textBox9.Text = row.Cells[4].Value.ToString();
textBox10.Text = row.Cells[5].Value.ToString();
this code i am using to assign value in textbox from datagridview
Member 13132705 16-Nov-19 15:43pm View
Yes there is OLEDB connection.
Member 13132705 16-Nov-19 11:04am View
Yes there is OLEDB connection.
Member 13132705 13-Nov-19 8:03am View
for dates code is working fine now. But when i try it with Person and process it is not working. I mean I want data in datagridview based on person wise --> his respective process--> from date--> to date.
from and to date is working fine.