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Comments by BasicProgrammer__ (Top 5 by date)

BasicProgrammer__ 2-Aug-17 7:49am View    
I tried fixing your code.. change it to:
ltUP.Text = ((double)dr["UnitPrice"]).ToString("#,###.00");

and it worked! Thank you
BasicProgrammer__ 2-Aug-17 7:44am View    
Because the error message I get for both is "Compilation Error".....
BasicProgrammer__ 2-Aug-17 7:44am View    
Sadly it returned with "Unit Price 14,00:0,000.00"
BasicProgrammer__ 1-Aug-17 8:56am View    
When I checked my SQL, there were no spaces...
BasicProgrammer__ 28-May-17 8:06am View    
Source Error tells me this:

Line 64: com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@IsProcessed", ddlIP.SelectedValue);
Line 65: com.Parameters.AddWithValue("@DVO_ID", Request.QueryString["ID"].ToString());
Line 66: com.ExecuteNonQuery();
Line 67: con.Close();
Line 68: Response.Redirect("~/Operations/DVO_History.aspx");

Line 66 is in red meaning this is where the error is supposed to be coming from