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LeMS_Studios 20-Feb-20 21:22pm View
I am looking for a boolean method, with the parameter either the file path or the process of the application. Something similar to the solution with 41 votes on SO.
LeMS_Studios 14-Dec-19 10:41am View
Thanks, I used the imagesize property.
LeMS_Studios 13-Dec-19 17:40pm View
Thanks, but I am working in VB.Net. I mentioned it as one of the tags, but will add it to the title.
LeMS_Studios 30-Dec-18 18:16pm View
Currently Some Directories are being added multiple times, and all sub menus are subs of the first item of the parent menu. Here is a link to the image of the comparison:
The image on left is what it currently looks like, and on right is what a previous version of the game looked like.
Hope this helps!
LeMS_Studios 27-Dec-18 11:04am View
As far as I can tell, I could not use a TreeView for this. I am using this in a game I am making where its 1998 and you have windows 95 and you find time travel software and travel to different time periods with different operating systems. The original developer of the game had the Start Menu (in the fake Windows 95 environment) prebuilt, but I would like the Start Menu to be created by actual folders and shortcuts.