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Comments by Edward Mergel (Top 8 by date)

Edward Mergel 22-Sep-17 3:00am View    
Thank you, and yes I backup at a set frequency
Edward Mergel 6-Sep-17 8:11am View    
Thank you works great now
Edward Mergel 3-Sep-17 16:30pm View    
Sorry if I was a little rude, had been up for 2 days and finally took my medicine. the (0)(0) was because when a member registers they are suppose to get 1 point, and I found it was not giving that point. The reason for that is it populates the new member into the points table. I fixed that and the (0)(0) error went away.

However my original problem I was trying to find a code sample or if someone could show me why I have to have my name or a name (fake) in the: Session("member") = "" (does not publish) Session("member") = "fake name" , (publishes as fake name). I need it to publish the "MemberName" based on the member doing the publishing.

Example of db TABLE Question

Column 1: memQuestion (header) Why does the plant grow green?
Column 2: qPostedBymem (header) Charles Smith (MemberName field)
Column 3: qAnswer (header) Because plants don't see the color green
Column 4: qAnswerBymem (header) fake name (MemberName)
Column 5: qAnswerDate (header) 09/03/20017

Column 4 is the problem. Fake name does not appear in the "Member" table in the database. The relationship is set. Damn thing for the likes of me I don't see an answer.
Edward Mergel 3-Sep-17 12:27pm View    
I did get the point part fixed. I found that it dealt with the registering of the member. and now the member points are solved.
Edward Mergel 3-Sep-17 12:24pm View    
Not even on subject. I asked for help with the member name being posted. Every post is worth 1 point and every answer is worth 2 points. So please let me code as I am ans just answer the question.