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Member 13476370 2-Nov-18 8:45am View    
Done formatting the code .
I already know what that the output is formatted what I don't know is why does pow(,) return this answer and how can I fix it.
Please clarify your answer .
Member 13476370 22-Dec-17 5:18am View    
what's the problem of using globals with binary files?
Member 13476370 17-Nov-17 6:07am View    
It's a basic elementary step to use it :D
although your solution to EVERY problem here is the same"debugger"
, thnx anyway

Member 13476370 17-Nov-17 5:45am View    
I already know the concept of a "debugger" .. surely I posted my question AFTER the debugger didn't help a lot .. btw the debugger doesn't help you find where does the logic goes wrong at EVERY program ..
Member 13476370 7-Nov-17 23:01pm View    
okay .. but is there some way to modify my code to pass that test case