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Comments by Huzaifa Abbas (Top 5 by date)

Huzaifa Abbas 31-Mar-18 2:47am View    
Thanks for your reply Sir.
Huzaifa Abbas 31-Mar-18 1:56am View    
I'm using Entity Framework
Huzaifa Abbas 2-Mar-18 6:30am View    
Hello Sir,

I have a same problem, my project runs good on the localhost but after publish on online server it returns this error.

Please help, Thanks in advance

Sorry for my english
Huzaifa Abbas 28-Feb-18 14:24pm View    
Hi Brother!

This same issue is with me. I have a shared hosting my and hosting provider said that microsoft 12 is not supported on shared hosting.

Please help its urgent

Sorry for my english
Huzaifa Abbas 24-Feb-18 3:55am View    
string pHOF = a.HOF.ToString().Substring(0, Convert.ToString(a.HOF).Length - 3);

Now Return Length cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: length

Sorry Sir