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Member 13674211 22-Sep-18 7:24am View    
like ,it is not displaying button
Member 13674211 17-Jul-18 7:49am View    
in routconfig.cs routes.MapRoute(
name: "Default",

url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}",
defaults: new { controller = "xyz", action = "ex", id = UrlParameter.Optional }
Member 13674211 28-Jun-18 13:05pm View    
thank you for succh information
Member 13674211 27-Jun-18 5:15am View    
yes i have also include refernce files
1)link href="~/Content/timeout-dialog.css" rel="stylesheet"
2)script src="~/scripts/timeout-dialog.js" /script
and page is opening but not directing to given url in logout
Member 13674211 27-Jun-18 5:13am View    
yes i have also included

and its page is opening but not directing to logout url given