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Comments by hamid18 (Top 30 by date)

hamid18 23-Apr-20 9:13am View    
thanks a lot.
hamid18 6-Apr-19 17:25pm View    
Thanks for sharing the link. I know for zoom in I have to use ScaleTransform. e.g
ScaleTransform scaleTransform = new ScaleTransform(4, 1);

canvas.RenderTransform = scaleTransform;
canvas.Width = 60 * 4;
MyWidth = canvas.Width;
When I do this initial width is increased to 4 times and every point on canvas is multiplied by 4 along x axis. This means at position 28 along x axis, I will get 7th sample count value. Without zooming this point was present at position 7. Now 8th sample count will come at 32 position. But the vertical line will be drawn at position 30. And I want a discrete sample count value at position 30. I do not want any thing like 7.5 or 7.2 etc. Becaue sample count values are always discrete.
hamid18 21-Mar-19 13:07pm View    
This means when we use ScaleTransform and render transform on Canvas, even though the line becomes bigger in size in the view. Still the points on the line takes 1 pixel if I do not change the stroke thickness.
hamid18 15-Mar-19 9:36am View    
It worked smoothly. Thanks a lot :)
hamid18 6-Mar-19 11:24am View    
thanks. This looks simple and i hope this will work.